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Ever Try Pure Pilates?

April 14, 2011 by Dr Pete  
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         In this issue

         01. Better Than Aspirin?

         02. Watch: For Killer Abs, Try Some Push Ups

         03. Ever Try Pure Pilates?


01. Better Than Aspirin?



Thanks to Dr. Leo Galland MD for this complete guide to a wonder fruit, THE CHERRY. The latest research on this delicious fruit reveals its remarkable health benefits, particularly its antiinflammatory properties. 


Enjoy the article and I have a feeling you might want to head out to the produce store and grab a bunch now that th season for them is here.


Click here to read the full article



02. Watch: For Killer Abs, Try Some Push Ups



Fitness trainer Darin Steed has produced an excellent 20 minute instructional video on strengtheneing your abs with planks and push ups. Yes, push ups build not only strength in your chest and arms, but it’s the best for core strength, abdominal toning and lower body tone.


Darin shows a number of variations to work different parts of the body as well as entry level techniques for those just starting out. You can keep track of your progress by first performing the core strength and stability test (click here to see the video if you need refreshing) and then testing yourself at 2, 4 and 6 weeks to observe your progress. Good luck!


Click here to watch Killer Abs, Do Push Ups


Click here to watch Core Strength Test



03. Ever Try Pure Pilates?



Pure Pilates refers to the original methods, techniques and exercises created by the master himself, Joseph Pilates as he intended. This method of Pilates has been carried down through a generation of master trainers and it lives on in the way we teach the Pure method of Pilates at our studio.


To see a demonstration of some Pure Pilates exercises click here.


We’re offering a special this month to anyone who has never done Pilates here before and wants to give it a try for a week. Just mention this email and the coupon you saw below and we’ll get you fit in no time!


click here for energypilates.com



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One Response to “Ever Try Pure Pilates?”
  1. Lloyd Berry says:

    I was very skeptical about Pilates before I started my own exercise regime. I could not believe it was something that men did or would benefit from.
    How wrong I was.
    All the years of back problems I have suffered from in the past are now a thing of the past, and I feel great for it.
    Great to see that Health and Fitness sites are devoting more and more space to Pilates.
    Looking forward to this week’s session – yes, I only do one session a week as well.

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