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Exercises to Keep Your Arms Summer-Ready!

June 27, 2011 by Dr Pete  
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Exercises to Keep Your Arms


(Ladies & Men’s Versions)

For the Ladies


Here’s an exercise video for the ladies that focuses on upper body strength and your ability to do push-ups. Naomi and I demonstrate modifications that will help you to build the upper body strength necessary to work up to performing a standard push-up.


This series of exercises also help to build the core muscles, particularly the side waist muscles for a trimmer hourglass look. Enjoy!


Click here to watch the 5 minute video




For the Men




In this video I demonstrate a continuous series of push-up variations that will work all the muscles of your upper body and make your arms scream! See if you can follow me through the whole 5 minute sequence without resting. If you can, your arms are summer-ready!


Click here to view the men’s upper body workout



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