Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Magic Yoga Moves: Slim, Strong Arms




Magic Yoga Move: Slim Strong Arms!


I found this excellent illustration of a sequence of yoga moves (special thanks to yoga guru Kristen McGee) that I’ve used before to get an outrageous inner core power workout. It’s true that it works your arms well, but it’s not just for your arms. It targets all your core muscles and literally works every muscle in your body.


As you move through the sequence of Sphinx, Forearm Plank, Downward Dog to Upward Dog, focus a few breaths in each position and do up to ten repetitions of the sequence. This one is for both the guys and the gals and I’d love to hear how you did the first time you tried it. How many reps were you able to do? Did you hold each postion for one breath or five? Did you stay focused on your center (lower belly) while doing it?



Click here for an awesome yoga sequence




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