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Special Edition: Arnold Fitness Weekend 2011

Hanging with the Hulk and Tips from Lance Armstrong’s chiropractor.


Special Edition: Arnold Fitness Weekend 2011

In this issue

01. Watch: Arnold Says Having a Chiropractor is a Necessity!

02. Photos: Dr. Pete Hanging with Fitness and Sports Icons

03. Tips from Lance Armstrong’s Chiropractor

01. Watch: Arnold Says Having a Chiropractor is a Necessity!

The International Chiropractors Association held their annual Sports and Fitness Conference this past weekend in Columbus Ohio, in association with Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Fitness Weekend. A real treat is when Arnold comes to visit us and gives a short speech.

As always, Arnold inspired us with his talk of chiropractic. Here’s a short video of his speech where he says ” It’s a necessity, it’s not even an option, it’s a necessity that everyone have a chiropractor.”

The video is a little grainy but notice the handsome guy to Arnold’s right!

Click here to watch the short video

02. Photos: Dr. Pete Hanging with Sports and Fitness Icons

Lou Ferrigno – The Incredible Hulk

Here I am with one of my childhood idols, the Incredible Hulk Lou Ferrigno. I first met him back in 1990 and I must say he’s probably in the best physical condition since his bodybuilding days. He’s a great supporter of chiropractic and, besides doing TV shows, he’s a sheriff’s officer in California and a trained sniper!

Governator Arnold

It’s always a thrill when Arnold shows up and this year was no different. His speeches are always engaging and funny, and you could hear a pin drop as he gave a ringing endorsement of  the chiropractic lifestyle. (Hey, who’s that guy to his right!)

All-Pro Running Back Eddie George

Here I am talking chiropractic with Heisman Trophy winner and All-Pro running back Eddie George. Eddie was featured in an article a while back called “Real Men Do Yoga” that featured the yoga regimen he did while an NFL running back.

Community Service Award for Arnold

This is the Golden Eagle we presented to Arnold for his community service like th After School All Stars program. I’m with my friend and fellow Fitness Council member Dr. Joe Amanutegei from Florida.

03. Health Tips from Lance Armstrong’s Chiropractor

Dr. Jeff Spencer gave an awesome presentation at the Sports and Fitness conference and I got a chance to pick his brain. He is Lance Armstrong’s chiropractor as well as the team chiropractor for all the Tour de France wins by Lance’s US Postal Team. He’s proud of the fact that a rider never missed a race due to injury (other than a broken bone). This guy is the tops in sports chiropractic

If I were you, I would take some of his advice and he supplies it here in this short article Jeff Spencer’s 19 Steps to Wellness.

Click here to read the article

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