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Tight Abs Without Boring Crunches

September 28, 2011 by Dr Pete  
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New Video:

The Corkscrew Core Plank


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How does your core rate?



I’m so excited that we’ve started our new CoreMasters workout sessions every Sunday morning at 8:30am. We have an awesome commited group of people who are improving their health by tapping into their inner energy and strength, and they’re loving the sessions!


I know some of you can’t make it on Sundays, so I figured I’d start making some videos to show you the cool stuff we’re doing so you can try some CoreMasters at home. I’ll do my best to release a new video weekly, so look out for them in your inbox or on Facebook.


Here’s my new video, the Corkscrew Core Plank. This is an intermediate to advanced move and you should be able to hold a plank for at least a minute (stud on the above picture scale!) in order to be strong enough to do this exercise.


The move really targets the rotational muscles of your core and is great for anyone involved in swinging sports like baseball, tennis and golf since it creates power in your swing.


Give it a try and comment or email me back with your results.


Click here to see the new video Corkscrew Core Plank.



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CoreMasters Exercise Sessions

Every Sunday 8:30am!



Get Strong from the Inside-Out and
look Great from the Outside-In


After a one year hiatus, I’m back stronger than ever with a brand new exercise program designed to take your mind and body to a higher place. You’ll get into your best shape ever starting with a strong lean core creating total body power and flexibility. We’ll also release built-up body stress while clearing your mind for sharp focus and relaxation.


CoreMasters is an intense exercise session that will work your whole body utilizing techniques combininge the best of PowerCentering, Yoga, Pilates, Martial Arts, Tai Chi and athletic training with an emphasis on breathing, posture, core activation and overall body athleticism.


I’m so excited to be presenting the sessions at the newly renovated Aikido School of North Jersey. And I’ve lowered the cost as well so you can enjoy more sessions for less price.


“Join me and I promise you an intense workout that creates strength, flexibility and an awesome body! By the time we’re done, you’ll be left with an incredible feeling of relaxation and accomplishment.”


When: Every Sunday 8:30am to 9:30am


Where: Aikido School 219 DeGraw Ave. Teaneck, NJ


Cost: $19 per session, $149 package of 10 sessions


Try it you’ll like it!

Free class for anyone trying it for the first time!


Call 201-836-9558 for more info and to register


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