Tagawa’s has classes every spring or early focusing on how to grow herbs. And, I also loved having your patient, kind father as my teacher! I bout 2 lavender trees at Costco and was going to plant them outside—is that not a good idea? A newer variety is “Phenomenal.”   Some lavenders are ideal for cooking. And if we’re willing to bend “the rules,” herbs are a great way to treat our pollinators to a little something extra. Growing Herbs at High Altitude Susan Fernalld, Mountain Master Gardener Gardeners like to grow herbs for their beauty, fragrance, and seasoning in cooking. Can be grown in containers indoors or out. For the record, I’m no gourmet cook. CSU A-Z Search Six Great Easy-to-Grow Herbs for Your Colorado Garden. Tender annual. Herbs often grown for culinary purposes include basil, chives, dill, fennel, oregano, parsley, rosemary, sage and thyme. Mountain soils naturally provide good drainage, a plus for growing herbs. Annual. Lina is one of the incredibly gardening-saavy ladies in our Perennials Department. “Hidcote” and “Munstead.” I lost some lavender during its first winter because I failed to “winter water.” That’s a good practice throughout the landscape, especially with plants that have been in the ground for three seasons or less. We have mild winters in the Lajunta areas as a general rule. Why have models of Colorado’s coronavirus trajectory been off? Tagawa’s begins each season with more than twenty different kinds of basil. Give it all the parsley it wants! Bring plants indoors prior to frost and set them where they will get maximum sunlight to encourage growth. They all require the same basic growing conditions:  bright sun, a rich, but well-drained soil. I think out toasty afternoon sun is too harsh for it here. It prefers the cold there to my warm, dry indoor air. Dana. It comes up quite easily. How does one grow herbs at high altitude (over 7500 feet) where the growing … And it needs well-drained soil. Can be grown in containers indoors or out if roots given enough room. They’re purplish pink! Don’t encourage new growth when plants should be busy acclimating for winter. I leave the tiny blue flowers on for the bees. Lavender generally grows as a woody shrub, but it’s possible your plants have been pruned to look more like trees. Others are best suited for crafts. This was achieved by selecting a couple of hardier varieties — Hill Hardy and Arp — and growing them in optimum conditions. Alternatively, sow them in a cold frame in the fall to take advantage of the greater natural precipitation during fall and winter. Fresh chives can go a long way to dress up potatoes served in dozens of different ways. Your email address will not be published. Apr 22, 2014 - Explore Roots Medicine Gardens's board "Medicinal Plants Easy to Grow in Colorado" on Pinterest. Since Phenomenal Lavender is so cold hardy it is one of the best lavenders to grow in Colorado. More varieties seem to be coming onto the market every year. Which ones you choose depends on how you want to use the lavender you harvest; i.e., for cooking, for extracting oil… for crafting. Grown in several varieties for leaves with different flavors. Thin seedlings to 2 feet apart. Plant in medium-rich soil in sun. Lavender! But I’ve learned the hard way not to neglect good, deep watering during those first two years. Just be careful about letting them self-sow. Thyme. Unlike warm season herbs that thrive in dry, less fertile soil, these herbs tend to perform best … Many zone 5 herb plants bolt when temperatures rise in early summer, but some will reward you with a second harvest in late summer or early autumn. Like rosemary, lavender has woody stems and does not make a good houseplant. May be grown in containers indoors or out. And it needs well-drained soil. Your email address will not be published. Oregano takes several different forms in growth habit, hardiness and flavor. Equal Opportunity | Thanks, The leaves have unexcelled aroma and flavor. The temptation is to cut it back, but pruning stems below points of new growth will kill it. If you have any doubts about your ability to grow herbs in your Colorado garden, at least try a pot of chives. As plants go, herbs have “low to average” water needs, but in our arid environment this may mean herbs need supplemental water to survive. There are so many good varieties than can thrive in Colorado. I’ve had reasonably good luck growing cilantro in pots, but I haven’t tried it in the ground. Wonderful for aiding with stress, sleep issues, headaches, burns, inflammation - pretty much anytime a soothing touch is needed. give it the sun and the soil it needs, and you’re off! Gray-green leaves with slightly bitter undertone. Perennial (USDA Zone 5). The bees love lavender. Some perennial herbs that aren’t hardy in our high altitude USDA hardiness zones (3-4) are grown as annuals, or we grow them in containers and bring them inside to over-winter. Dear Mary and Roger, I’ve tried for two summers to grow instead lavender in our Ricky Ford area.