Lewis: This guy's got style... and would be a great GBF. https://episode.fandom.com/wiki/The_Kiss_List?oldid=12899, ...a high fashionista! Not only have the pressures of being a Force Captain begun to set in, but she's still in mourning over the loss of her best friend. For a second I thought you really meant that.”. (+1 Admiration Lewis), Who said you could look at me? ***She also didn't mind her beautiful daughter who looked like she could probably throw Catra across the room with one arm coming around to save her life every once in a while. Bright Moon stands, but Adora has been captured and taken to the Fright Zone. Junior year rolls around and she decides maybe, just maybe, she'd like to do something about that. Catra was so sick of it, she just wanted to wake up to a day she hadn't lived so many times before. “Cat… got your tongue?” She teases, reaching up to trace her jawline lightly with one claw, painfully slow, and something close to lust shines in her eyes as she follows the trail of Adora’s neck down to her collarbones. Choice 11: I have to study for a Chemistry exam. "I'm super gonna miss them, I already miss them," Noelle said when asked if she was going to miss all the beloved characters she's been working on for the past few seasons. And so neither does Adora. WARNING: The following contains spoilers for She-Ra and the Princesses of Power Season 5, now streaming on Netflix. Adora and Catra grow up in Shadow Weaver's 'care'. Adora flinched at the words as the figure hopped into a crouch from the trees, before standing before her. “Ohh, you didn’t hear? Never in her life did Catra ever imagine she would be in this situation. And the one thing that I knew was that they were so central to the story that the only thing that would feel right would be for that confession to also be central to the story. “And I have the perfect candidate in mind.”, (or, Catra, Adora, and a fake relationship. Jenna: I know her type. PRIDE sits down with Aimee Carrero, AJ Michalka, and showrunner Noelle Stevenson about the lasting impact of the LGBTQ+ animated series! ", "..Okay, and what would you like on top of that?". Set straight after "Don't go", this is a short story about what happens next.They're still a few days from home, and Catra and Adora have both noticed that something has changed between them. ", "Oh, that explains why my hand has been stuck in this plastic coffee cup for the past two hours.". She expected to have flashbacks to her first fest and her first love, Catra. Was it all just a bad dream? She's insistent on trying to touch her, and it's beyond annoying. You know, I’m impressed. I wanted it to be everything that we've been building to, the message of love that's always been at the heart of the show. Catra is, however, able to find solace in writing a series of letters to Adora that get a bit out of hand. This tag has not been marked common and can't be filtered on (yet). Desperate for validation. PRIDE's editor-in-chief Raffy Ermac, who has been covering the groundbreaking, queer-inclusive show from the very beginning, got the chance to (virtually) interview the stars and crew—Adora actress Aimee Carrero, Catra actress AJ Michalka, and executive producer/showrunner Noelle Stevenson—one last time to talk about the show's legacy, what the next chapter looks like, and THAT epic kiss! She's pretty sure this old lady who makes absurd requests is really just witch who likes to test the patience of young mortals. (I'm going to start collecting the She Ra smut I write in one handy collection - 99.9% catradora. She’d seen that smile many a time, only ever occasionally directed at her, but never before with so much malice. Not like she'd ever let Adora know that, of course. This is very much My Trash. (No effect), You're lucky to be here, so don't anger me. What do I do? Why did it always have to be Adora taking care of her? She lingers close enough around Adora and the younger princess to hear the words before slinking away. All seems good, but there's a catch. The kind of place people visited, not the kind of place they stayed in. (+1 Desire). Seriously," Catra swats Adora's hand away yet again. They even turned holographic in the scene so I made them with opalescent holographic vinyl, and its super pretty. (No effect), I can get the answers for you. Six years later, and starting her new career as an elementary school teacher, Adora meets a small boy with elfin ears and a cat's tail who will reshape her world. Catra is now Force Admiral of the Horde, she has the respect she deserves, and her favourite Force Captain and steadfast opponent of the Rebellion, Adora, is always at her side. But the people were so nice and Adora had never really had a lot of friends growing up. After two years of radio silence, Catra and Adora find themselves in a complicated relationship, when they find out that they're gonna share a dorm for the entirety of their freshman year at BMU. I love your eye makeup! I am living for vague medieval AUs ft Catradora. But when the past creeps back into her life everything is thrown into chaos, Adora having to juggle the split life of working with her once friend and the agency all to solve the mystery of the drug Grayskull. So for someone like Adora, looking to take a little time to grow up and prepare herself for the next step in her life, spending a year here made sense. Hopefully this time they can do so like mature people and with no one plunging to their assumed death. Choice 9: I NEED an outfit that'll make Riley bow down to me! Choice 12: Make sure you tap "don't blink" before the timer runs out! Adora is a detective at Bright Moon Intelligence, working all year to be able to leave her past behind and prove herself. How do we pull that through in the end? Adora ventures into the woods looking for someone. My mom came in here earlier today and left a $100 tip? but deviating a bit. The glorious Catradora kiss that saved the universe. Her hand flew to it immediately and she could feel the slightly raised imprint of the name now on her skin, for life: the name of her soulmate. ( 20) (+1 Fear), Flash a big smile and wave. After five seasons and a queer kiss that broke the internet, DreamWorks and Netflix's popular animated series She-Ra and the Princesses of Power has finally come to an end. But nothing's off the table when it comes to the two of them. +1 Admiration Jenna/Lewis if you chose Jenna or Lewis. Someone "accidentally" fed Catra catnip. Catra and Adora know how to push each others buttons. Well, it turns out, she paid you with a bill from her cursed purse, she wanted me to exchange it with this one. After everything that they've been through, after all of the hardship and all of the misfortune that both of them have gone through, these are the two characters I think who have been through the most their whole lives. Which she's fine with; she has her routine and theatre to look forward to most days. “Still doing Shadow Weaver’s dirty work, I see.”. “Oh you’ve got to be fucking kidding me.”. She liked running the café, and she didn't mind having a crazy regular that made her smile. I have to think fast! Her skin prickled over her body and a nervous cold sweat ran the length of her spine, so she took a moment to collect herself before looking down to read the name. The She-Ra Cast Talks THAT Kiss, Catradora, & the Show's Last Season PRIDE sits down with Aimee Carrero, AJ Michalka, and showrunner Noelle Stevenson about the … Catra comes to terms with the fact that, yes, maybe she can get a little too jealous. Not here, not these versions of themselves playing dress-up in pretty blacks and reds. Choice 5 Choice 7: That hottie just kicked a soccer ball my way. And when she did, her jaw dropped to the floor. After finally getting out of the Horde Orphanage, Catra is enrolled in Bright Moon High. "Stop it. “What’s wrong?” Catra purrs, and Adora is all too aware that she has her right where she wants her. Adora is careful not to hug Catra too hard or make her feel restrained, anticipating the moment that Catra will start to pull away — but Catra doesn’t. Feels like such a dirty word, like a forbiddance. I need you to tell me where you live.". Catra needs to punch something. (+2 Admiration), Drop a pen and pick it up... slowly. ( 20) (+1 Admiration), ...not to be messed with! And as soon as it was something where I was like 'Look, I want this to be romantic, I want this ending for them to be romantic,' and I got the sign-off for that. It wouldn't stop. It felt like something that I needed to see.". Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. If only Adora could embrace her, hold her tight, and tell her everything is going to be fine.