Make sure to specify the accuracy of your answer as best as possible. After surveying a random sample of students at Dartmouth College, a campus organization calculated that a 95% confidence interval for … Set a 90% confidence interval for the mean, expressed as a probability statement. If we wanted to find the average years of schooling for people in the US in 1996, how could we use the data collected from the GSS survey to answer that question? Note: Using StatCrunch we found that the descriptive statistics for the variable ‘sibs’ is as follows: N 2897 Mean: 3.86 Standard Deviation: 3.52 2. ;����\S���v1pHh30p3He�� g�`�a��9����W6�f�. endstream endobj 34 0 obj <>stream 8. %PDF-1.5 %���� Consider the following sample data, selected at random from some population: 12, 16, 5, 19 What is your best guess for the unknown population mean? The manufacturer of the machine claims that the average caffeine content per cup is 109 mg. Do you believe that the manufacturer’s claim is valid or invalid? 2. The lifetimes (in months) of ten randomly selected automobile batteries of a particular brand are: 22 17 20 21 17 23 The manufacturer claims, however, that this particular make of battery has an 18 month lifetime. h޼�mk�:ǿ�^n��z����1��K�]A���x�!�C�q�o�s$;s�du=(e�죧#��_�ђP�a�� �1цp �%�bbYL%�B�1�1�0e1�H(%�����pm-10��a�%�R(c"8t��#4�M�U0'�1E� R0N�$RrK�"RÃ�DQʈ5D1�%J��ah���Ǐ�Y�(6�uz���V�[�|9=�.~�W�2-�p5���e�*��l��]xU�>��D�BU�'��q�jp��jq�����Mq?�JM�/�Y��LNO]4>;��lN�3�%|����b�A冰h:��7��P͞��o?�b짧�w���V%Lʢ�t}���%���yL�tt�H�$���Ѩ��2�d �!L8H�E⭗�2_�?��e���of�Ŵ�d��ct[l��¿�%aM��p���Ȁ�hZf��`�O������M�.�Mt�����{�m���bu_���C�5_ W�|�|�o���c� �@��3��wh��:�����fſ�eD���&��20/���ک�í����? �A�o"@cAa9H)up^)���Rc5��Yh��3@�KThSwQ��R&��� �"�% (��~��\}�����#���m#������@����Tm"P&��p�%�c>jqGbGz���4֑�����H�d%�.q����P^�-���͉�n�BI4�~>p.���A�lC�;�b+���cJ��1e�cJ�p�(z��|-�C�[=OF.�&d���V,ȨN�}� /�yh=B�{����DJ��P:��7!�-��q: �N+{@�8ҢH��HuRf%�(���ZN%|�PI�*��m�>��Gӫ�ܚ&�{�tp�7fɾB����%�:T)TYƽ���Z����+��%N�:%i���S� �8f16�,w���Zk���*��J��\�����z��cP�ym��1}��ݤ�q�"*�Q�O�Lw%{�2�dY@?ϝ�����n��>��9pj"g���&�s���_\�V� �=��#��#!�'���K���V�"1��4d�(��Y8 �cL�Hsgc%(�������K��!��7��b f�R�b�@RY�tټ����qh95fG���]�j#��J/H=�G�лg̶��ƓF�t7��,�L�{}`�7&�t#qb@#Ŕ.�^l%�kQd_O�l�>�K� �/ܕ Find a 95% confidence interval for the unknown population mean. endstream endobj 38 0 obj <>stream @ �B>LD��A',%9�*�X�~0�R���4�A1��|�BF8d˩�"T�7��]�l}� �u `�*���E�p+*FQ1��.Ji�U�q3@��p���� ��i��y n�1H�PZ� ^����e����*F�`��Kb� ъ�Ox���M������տ5�F����c�rE���0�;�� \����ˈ!��!�����.��Г�����o�䑘i��(7�8J�u�U�&K޼��s�u)��` d��4 (D) While the number of health problems in the population is not normally distributed, according to the 1 – ANSWER KEY School of Music A. Label the intervals below the staff. endstream endobj 35 0 obj <>stream endstream endobj startxref View ... A level Maths: Transformations of curves worksheet. D��� %%EOF Mean: 3.86. ��A���>�U�h4���%�6?2���a�y��u\!�ne���O3��+�;�&���rc%ؒ&91U���@%:�}�#Vq$i�a�Cc��3���x.�E�lG�?���OW|���X�_��D+����d��ܸO[p��^`pn���y7��.�����K��o� 87/�e���z�-q�`aV\��o�uTw�ο����΋�5� ���� ��h��p Find a 95% confidence interval for the population mean . Fundamentals Review Belmont University Intervals Worksheet No. Hint: compute a 95% confidence interval and compare with claim. ST 350 Worksheet 24 page 3 3. stream 7. 4 0 obj <>/ExtGState<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> B) (5.1%, 12.1.%) endobj 2. The mean and standard deviation for the sample are 110 mg and 5.0 mg, respectively. XčA�!�M�ућ��{�nj��2�dx�������,. h�TR=o�0��ol���J���*e臚4��)R1�!C�}m?��Xw��9��vg��O?�=����x�Ƴ�-�z\������փr���2�8�l7B]g�W؜f��ázb��x�����H�}����/hg`�4`���͛r�j@ȓ�N.A$̗����F�� �f�M\ڪ���~V�������k����H�xM�P �+B��sBѾ�R?ή���WI��#���1#GA��K�s"7��4G�k�R^uq��ȖH�k�����,)�S��"OI��!�e9+.��X��,}�>��nGj+��[�] 7�XI|�? h�b```f``�g`e`��gd@ A�Nj�[UM��0��G �Co8�Eyn�H`3h��h�5uL��8#0��l!�0``R2�耱]�2�l��@����� H+ � 6. 6. H��T�n� ��+��@l�*��v�6��D�a���:�@ZM��R��{ϼ\S 7�@��R���z؇�n���i�(�C����ځD���~e�����v�~������8g�. 6. a) The students’ birth orders are likely to be independent.