How much a door lock should cost. The Missouri-Kansas Locksmith Association lists tips, Ask for locksmith recommendations at the local hardware store. In addition to traditional locks, there are electronic, Bluetooth compatible and smart door locks that can increase the cost significantly. Crap chepo lockset compared to what I paid a premium to install/replace myself on front door initially in 20 min. He didn't give her the total until after he'd done the work and then she flipped when he did. The company said they couldn't quote me without sending a technician to look at my doors. They wanted to charge $30 more for the deadbolt set than the cost of a brand new lock. The shady character who showed up claimed he could replace it quickly that day if I wanted to, and need just check if he had the lock in his car. I changed my mind about the garage entry shortly after he started working on the back door, but he insisted it was too late bc he had already rekeyed both new locks, even though he hadn't even started on the garage entry. He says a typical job costs $135 to $145. He didn't technically do anything illegal, but it was SHADY!!! Seriously. Be armed and beware; try to get a firm estimate beforehand. Cost comparison. I moved into a new house in a safe neighborhood, but wanted to have the locks changed, no rush. Waited for FC Locksmith almost an hour,-20C outside, thankfully neighbor let me in to warm up. If you aren't stranded, I highly recommend this option. I think they were gypsies. When the locksmith arrive he insisted the price started at $20 but was $50 for my locks. Access from your Country was disabled by the administrator. So upset! Reputable locksmiths have set prices for various standard types of lockouts. I was like, what? The number on the recite was not valid He left me a business card I called the number and they told me it was just a clerical mistake. A door lock actuator is responsible for locking and unlocking your doors. No price. Fair enough. Costs quickly added up to $1100. Repairs to French door frames cost $210, and sliding door frame repairs run $100 to $240.Pocket door repair ranges from $40 to $280, and installing a new pre-hung door and frame costs $109 to $440.. HomeAdvisor's Locksmith Price Guide gives average locksmith costs to rekey a lock, unlock a car or house door, change locks, make car keys, program keys, install a deadbolt and more. Just for comparison: I recently moved to Canada from Russia, where to replace any lock costs under $10 USD maximum, plus the cost of a complete new lock, not just some small part of it, between $10-20. Rediculous! I found a locksmith who runs his own business and is a one man team. Meanwhile, Not all locksmiths are crooks.I am a l iscensed locksmith and I am fair with my pricing all up front no monkey a matter of fact I don't charge after hours fees.I am sorry you have had bad experiences but not all of us are thieves. I needed to have my house re-keyed after having a contractor in to perform work. All rights reserved. I have standard issue locks from Lowes. If you’ve locked yourself out, it’ll cost you from around £70 to get you back into your home or workplace. So I said I refuse to do so. Had I known I would have turned down the expensive locks and supplied the parts for him. Locksmith fees can vary considerably, so call around and get several estimates. I was quoted a price of $28 to bring a locksmith out plus $20 per lock. Garden all winter long with an indoor greenhouse. The cost of a replacement door lock without any labour charges can start from £20 for a basic cylinder lock for a uPVC door, a BS3621 Mortice deadlock will cost from £30 to £80 for a Night latch BS3621 approved. I had scheduled an appointment days before to change the locks on my newly purchased house. Said that they couldn't rekeying so they had to replace. I wanted locks rekeyed for a purchased home. The lock on my front entrance was brand new (installed by the contractor). The saying “you get what you pay for” is, in most cases, true. Yesterday, I called a locksmith to have sticking deadbolt fixd. He used the Defiant brand, which is one of the cheapest available. Stop this madness. Actual costs will depend on job size, conditions, and options. When I asked what it would cost for new sets rather than re-keying, he said that it would be about the same as a re-key (misleadingly advertised as only $19). Copyright © 1999 – 2019 GoDaddy Operating Company, LLC. I'm upset that I got ripped off, but glad I stopped him at one lock. I spoke with Lowes and they will rekey locks you bring in for a small fraction of the price. Actual costs will depend on job size, conditions, and options. The locksmith shows up in the late afternoon and almost immediately starts to convince me that re-keying was a waste of time and it would be better if I changed all the locks. Most door locks are installed before the door is hung. I was locked out of apartment and called a 5star online company that said $15 service $35.00 change lock fee. Deadbolt to front door was sticking, so called and was estimated $75 on the phone ($30 fee to come out included)to fix. Beware of locksmiths! For a basic project in zip code 47474 with 6 doors, the cost to Install a Door Lock starts at $152 - $296 per door. Bill ended up being $230 because they off course had to replace the lock for $115 + additional $65 labor + $20 rekey (when I didn't care that it matched the same key) Ahhh!!! Meaning this generic basic deadbolt cost $175. Then he said it would be a 39 dolla fee for them just to come out? Like many others, I got ripped off by this profession of thieves. It had been deteriorating for awhile, and now her key wouldn't work at all. He quickly changed the three deadbolts and three doorknob locks in less than half an hour. Security additions such as a deadbolt to new door locks can add $20 to your final price. It ended up costing me $1100! I did not pay the service fee and sent the locksmith away for false advertising. ... On average, the cost of having locks re-keyed ranges from $40 to $100, plus $5 to $25 for each lock cylinder. Door Frame Repair Costs. He took off to his "warehouse" and returned about an hour later. I was out of town for the weekend and my roommate came back to our apartment and the lock was broken., Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.2) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/84.0.4147.89 Safari/537.36. I had no idea this industry was chock full of thieves and nit-wits! Altogether he spent about 5-10 minutes of labor. I locked myself out of my apartment, I called 516-500-8333 they send a locksmith that open my door, one door, one lock and they charged me 351.20 They know that you have no other option so they take advantage and over charge you. Changing or replacing your current lock will cost you from £75 (including materials) but it might be much higher depending on the types of lock you’re wanting to change. Soooo I called the locksmith and asked how much would a basic no pic lock would cost... he said 85 I said ok cool. Now we've been arguing with our landlord to pay it ever since. $230 and he said that it was $35 just for the call (so much for free estimates) and $20 for the labor. Plus I was waiting for 3 hours. Canadian locksmiths prices are artificially inflated to absolutely ridiculous level, I guess there is no regulation or law for them. I and everyone else should learn DIY techniques to rob them of their unjust profits. Didn't realize this profession was full of so many crooks. Rekeying locks on your home costs $40 to $100 plus $15 to $40 per lock or about $75 per hour.If you call the locksmith to your home, you might also pay a trip fee of $50 to $100. He replaced the lock cylinder and deadbolt assembly and charged $175 for the parts. To be honest, I was totally caught off guard by the cost! Very smart to just call a handy man or the Lowes service. Make sure your gutters are clean before they start to fill up again this fall. After a break-in or a rash of burglaries in the neighborhood, many … I couldn't believe the price but had to pay since I had no other way to get into my own apartment. I wish I went here first. He went out to his car, and in minutes, poped the old deadbolt off, poped the new one in and then told me it was going to cost me $230. I hired a locksmith in Atlanta GA to replace 3 deadbolts and key them alike. I locked myself out of my condo and had to google a locksmith in Ottawa, ON Canada. The licensed pro did not match the set in color, quality, or shape. Better locks mean better security. The gentleman that was at my apartment last night wrote me a recite for 391.20 when I called to question why they had charged me over 60 dollars for tax they stated that they did not provided any service for me.