People can serve themselves and scoop the sushi bake into the seaweed. Top with most of the furikake. © Jawns I Cooked. You definitely can, though they add a little chewiness that you otherwise don’t get, and they add a lot of flavor. 2. Remove to a bowl, and add mayonaise, sweet chili sauce, sriracha and rice vinegar. If you don’t love imitation crab, I can imagine baked salmon or canned tuna being a nice sub. Drizzle with wasabi mayo, and sprinkle with sesame seeds, and it’s ready to serve! imitation crab, mayonnaise, mushrooms, rice, seaweed, shiitake mushrooms, sour cream, sushi, 3x4” sized or large sheets cut into quarters. black and white sesame seeds, for topping, a pinch of cane sugar or granulated sugar. 2. And while I could probably eat sushi a few times a week, alas- my wallet’s struggle would be all too real. Finish each toast with a slice of avocado, a dollop of wasabi, a dash of tamari/soy sauce and a sprinkle of furikake (if desired). They add a little juiciness and a fun pop (the texture is similar to less liquidy popping boba). 4. Just pulse up some imitation crab in a food processor to break it up, and combine with with a few sauces and some mayo. Season with 1 tbsp rice vinegar and a pinch cane sugar and mix well. Toss well to coat, and refrigerate until ready to eat. Instead. No. Just pulse up some imitation crab in a food processor to break it up, and combine with with a few sauces and some mayo. Looking for more great recipes? All images & content are the sole property of Jawns I Cooked. In fact, we used to make every Friday our designated “Maki and Martinis Night”. 6. If you’re using dried, make sure to soak the mushrooms until the caps and stems are thoroughly softened. Meanwhile, in a bowl, combine the crab meat, cucumber, mayo, wasabi paste, rice wine vinegar, tamari/soy sauce and salt and thoroughly mix. (If using leftover rice, skip to this step-recipe calls for about 2 cups cooked rice). Add some sliced avocado- then sprinkle everything with sesame seeds, and give the bowls a healthy drizzle of the wasabi mayo. 5. 1. If you’re ever craving a crab roll with a crunch, we’ve got the culinary creation for you. Shrimp. Mix the mushrooms, imitation crab, sour cream, mayo, tobiko/masago, green onions, hot sauce, sesame oil and soy sauce together. Place the sushi bake on your serving table with plenty of seaweed not eh side, and let people spoon the sushi bake into pieces of seaweed for themselves. 2. 5. Kani Salad Recipe. is that it only has one ingredient: spicy crab salad. Add deep fried tempura bits for crunch and tobiko for a pop of texture! In a 9x13” glass pan, spread the rice evenly. You could use cream cheese instead of sour cream, and I’ve seen other recipes do so. CLICK HERE TO TURN ON NOTIFICATIONS. Once you have your seaweed on standby, you can put a hot pad down on the table and place the sushi bake on top. Simply toss the rice with a bit of rice vinegar and sugar to give it a bit more flavor. Often, if I know I’m making these for dinner, I’ll go ahead and make the rice the night before so it’s that much easier the night of. I love to see your photos! Sushi bake is rice topped with a creamy imitation crab salad, almost like a sushi casserole. 1. Purists would probably want to use white rice. With a few quick components, these layered sushi bowls super easy and satisfying to make. 3. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. You can use either freshly cooked and cooled rice, or leftover rice or this recipe (see notes above). Please ask permission prior to using my photos. In a metal muffin tin, add 1 teaspoon of melted coconut oil per cavity. Once you’ve got all the components ready to go, you’re ready to assemble your fancy sushi bowls! To make the bowls, you’ll start by cooking and seasoning the rice, then allowing it to chill in the fridge. Right before you serve it- stir in a bit of crisped panko breadcrumbs for texture. It’s eaten in spoonfuls wrapped in crispy seaweed. can of lump crab meat I recommend going with an Asian hot sauce (think sambal, chili garlic sauce, Sriracha), though anything that isn’t too tangy would work. If you would like to share one of my recipes, please link back to this post and re-write the instructions in your own words. © Jawns I Cooked. Crunchy Crab Salad. Some recipes will call for carrots, mangoes, sesame seeds and Panko crumbs. Toss the shrimp with honey and light soy sauce to coat, and cook it in a small frying pan for 2 minutes a side. 2 (6 oz.) This sushi bake has plenty of fluffy rice and creamy crab salad, so it's perfect when spooned into crispy, salty seaweed. If you’re wondering what does kani mean, it’s the imitation crab meat usually made … Divide the cooled and seasoned rice into 2 serving bowls. For a fraction of the price, I can get (close to) the flavor of my favorite sushi rolls, all in one bowl. Bon appetit! 2 c. basmati rice 1. Gently remove each cake from the tin and top with crab salad mixture. Spread over the rice (don't worry if it looks like too much rice and not enough crab salad; the salad is pretty salty, so you need a lot of rice to balance it out). Add the panko to the pan, and toss to combine with the oil. It’s eaten in spoonfuls wrapped in crispy seaweed. I would love to hear from you, and value your feedback! I also love using one for veggie noodles! 1. There’s sour cream and mayo, in addition to plenty of salty imitation crab and rice, so I wouldn’t equate the calorie count or nutrition profile of some sushi bake with a salad. Open your two cans of sustainable crab meat and drain the water. I personally think sour cream is easier to use, since you don’t have to let it come to room temperature and whip until homogeneous like you would with cream cheese. Instead of rolling your own California rolls, you can toss all the components - crabmeat, avocado, nori, and rice - into this My crunchy crab salad is super easy to make. While the instructions may seem daunting, each component of the bowls, with the exception of cooking the rice- is ready in mere minutes. Using a spiralizer, spiral 1 medium cucumber. Allow rice to cool to room temperature. Furikake, for garnishing (optional). The shrimp for these sushi bowls is super simple. I think it’s a great tool to have on hand, and makes for great texture for salads. 3. Just like the kani salad that you get at the sushi shop or a Japanese steakhouse (if not better!). Since it’s so rich, baked sushi is best served in small portions as an appetizer. Why not try my Shrimp and Mango Poke Bowls, Shrimp and Pineapple Fried Rice. This is best served hot or warm. Cook over medium heat, stirring frequently, until light golden brown- about 1 minute. Cook for 25 minutes. I like to cover my mushrooms in hot water, weigh them down with another bowl and let them soak overnight, so that when it comes time to use the mushrooms I’m not waiting around for them to do their thing. It’s not the real deal, but we’d argue that this pseudo-sushi still makes an incredible, light summer meal or a platter of appetizers that guests can enjoy alongside sake and, our personal favorite, vodka. However, you could *maybe* sub some of the sour cream for full fat yogurt. 4. Sushi Salad with Avocado, Crab & Brown Rice Canadian Family sesame oil, soy sauce, green onions, cooked brown rice, wasabi paste and 9 more California Sushi Rolls and Tuna and Salmon Sushi Pham Fatale Serve. 1. No specialty roll is complete without a delicious sauce and a crunchy veg bite. Buffalo Chicken Stuffed Peppers with Orzo, or Wasabi Shrimp Sushi Tacos! 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