Whether you have a mirror or not, you can check your trapezius muscles, which are located at the top of your shoulders, for tension and pain. The same is true for your levator scapula muscle, which is located just below the bottom of your skull in back all the way to the inner tip of the scapula (shoulder blade). Awkward or non-neutral positioning is a known risk factor for musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs).. If this doesn’t help, a … What Can You Do About Forward Head Posture? ​International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics. Desk. If you are 6 ft 3 in, you need to … The impact of computer display height and desk design on muscle activity during information technology work by young adults. If the desk is too high and can't be adjusted, raise your chair. Along with the muscle tension and weakness, a constant sunken chest position may contribute to a postural kyphosis. She holds a Bachelor of Science in secondary education with a comprehensive major in office administration. Cockrill has been a top design consultant for a renowned home store and is the owner of Starwood Home & Gifts, LLC, an interior design, decorating and home staging business. In particular, when your shoulder muscles are contracted all day long, the shoulder blades have a tendency to ride up by your ears and stay there indefinitely. Use a footrest to support your feet as needed. Slumping can create shoulder, neck, and upper back muscle tension and weakness, as well as a sunken chest. Otherwise, something can be placed under the table for a table that is too low. One-year follow-up of a sit-stand workstation intervention to decrease sedentary time in office workers. Stack two or more layers over your desktop to increase the height even more. You could also cut the legs of your desk, but come on—who does that? 2007;13(2):215‐223. Desk risers are typically made from wood or durable plastic and are available with depressions to fit all sizes of legs. You are in the best position to determine this. This posture quickly becomes a habit—one that we forget we have, but just the same wreaks havoc on the well-being of our necks, shoulders, and upper backs. Most desks are around the same height, but a few inches can make a difference in your level of comfort. Or maybe just an extra half inch or inch would make a big difference in the way the desk fits. Next time you're at a mirror, look to see if your shoulders are raised, i.e., up by your ears. The pain comes from sitting poorly. The Influence of Computer Monitor Height on Head and Neck Posture. Converting Your Existing Desk Converting your existing desk is the easiest way to start standing up because you already have a good foundation for a desk. An improper desk height can result in an uncomfortable work station, less productivity -- and even injury. The key is to make sure your neck is comfortable and you're incurring as little neck muscle tension as you can. Ergonomic Workstation Guidelines. A great piece of design, especially as the overall cost of this Ikea desk hack is unbelievably low. If your desk is too low, you may find you spend a lot of time holding your arms out in order to reach the keyboard. Try to bring them down. Because they limit space (and other reasons), they may not be perfect solutions, but finding the right one could possibly help inexpensively get your desk height at a comfortable level. Prev Med Rep. 2019;13:277‐280. Afterwards, look at things like the height of the desk, keyboard, etc. Try sitting forward. 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Refer to the manufacturer's recommendations regarding how many risers you can safely stack under each desk leg. If your desk is not the right height for you, you may be spending too much time with "non-neutral," aka, “awkward” neck and shoulder posture. Otherwise, how will you reach your keyboard? If the desk is too low and can't be adjusted, place sturdy boards or blocks under the desk legs. How To Adjust Your Office Chair When You Are Short 1. OSHA recommends that your monitor be at eye level or a little lower. Hunker may earn compensation through affiliate links in this story. Published 2015 Nov 10. doi:10.4102/sajp.v71i1.279, Dutta N, Walton T, Pereira MA. As a rule of thumb, for every 1-inch difference in height you are from 6 feet, add or remove 0.4 inches to the industry standard of 29 inches. You can also choose the size of your desktop icons from here—large, medium, or small. This creates static tension in your arm muscles which can lead to pain and posture issues. Milhem M, Kalichman L, Ezra D, Alperovitch-najenson D. Work-related musculoskeletal disorders among physical therapists: A comprehensive narrative review. Obviously traditional desks are too short to stand and work so you will just need to make the desk top a little higher. Check that your desk height is at approximately the same level as your elbows. Sit as if on a horse. S Afr J Physiother. Burgess-Limerick, R., et. Next, the actual desk leg threads right onto the secured plate. Many furniture risers stack together with an interlocking mechanism, which typically allows you to increase the height of your desk in 1- or 2-inch increments. Published 2019 Jan 16. doi:10.1016/j.pmedr.2019.01.008. If that’s your only option, it may be time to go shopping. With adjustable desks, height is no problem. You can modify the desk height by turning the leveler feet of the newly installed legs until it's right. Mary Cockrill's education and certifications in interior design and home staging have allowed her to author numerous home-related articles. If your desk is too high, other than getting another desk, your options are limited. The minimum distance from the floor to the seat of an office chair should be about 16 inches. Affix a layer of wood, plastic, marble or other material over your current desktop to give it a permanent lift. e.g. Checking yourself for "Office Worker's Shoulder Scrunch" is easy. Start by adjusting the height until your thighs are parallel to the floor. Place something underneath your desk to raise the total height of the desk top. Ikea INGO Chic Modern Desk Hack. Place something on top of the desk to raise your keyboard, mouse, and monitor. Armrests and the desk must be at the same height for work. 1999. NC State University Environmental Health & Safety website. It’s so well thought through, I doubt you’d ever be short of storage or worry about being organized. Dale is an experienced fact checker and researcher with a Master of Science in Journalism from Columbia University, Graduate School of Journalism, Verywell Health uses only high-quality sources, including peer-reviewed studies, to support the facts within our articles. There are two methods to raising your existing desk to standing height. It may also lead to neck cricks. You may be petite, or extra tall. al. Int J Occup Saf Ergon. Fortunately, Unplggd has a good strategy for checking if a desk is the right height for you: There are two methods to raising your existing desk to standing height. J Electromyogr Kinesiol. Thank you, {{form.email}}, for signing up. Whether you modify the permanent structure of your current desk, add temporary features, or use an office chair to increase the height of your desktop, you'll create a more ergonomically friendly work space. 2008;18(4):606-17. doi:10.1016/j.jelekin.2006.09.015, van Vledder N, Louw Q. A desk that has a height adjustment is a good idea, especially if you share the workstation, but if that’s a luxury consider using an adjustable keyboard or similar accessory. Discover the correct height for your desktop by tweaking the chair so the desk surface is almost even with your elbows when you're seated in an upright position with your feet resting flat on the floor. In such cases, consider using a footstool to prop and rest your feet as opposed to leaving them hanging all day long.