Summary of Laboratory and Clinical Thermometer. Structure: It is smaller in size than the laboratory thermometer. A laboratory thermometer, which is colloquially known as the lab thermometer, is used for measuring temperatures other than the human body temperature. Clinical and laboratory thermometer. For mercury thermometer: -39 to 357°C For alcohol-in-glass thermometer: -115 to 78°C; In colder countries, most of its liquid-in-glass thermometers use alcohol and not mercury. Parts of a clinical thermometer: 1.Mercury bulb. Air and water expand and contract because of the temperature that exists. 1 answer. Both laboratory and clinical thermometers gauge temperature at different scales. It ranges from -10˚C to 110˚C. Laboratory thermometers are designed for lab purposes such as checking boiling point, freezing point, or temperature of other substances. The common types of laboratory thermometers include liquid … Importance of Laboratory Thermometer - definition The range of a laboratory thermometer is generally from 10C to 110C. Whether you need a thermometer for food and beverage quality control, blood bank refrigerator temperature, or even temperature readings for your pharmaceutical cold storage. State similarities and differences between the laboratory thermometer and the clinical thermometer. Importance of laboratory thermometer: Laboratory thermometers are designed small to make it potable. Clinical thermometers are traditionally mercury-in-glass thermometers used for measuring human body temperature, with the tip of the thermometer being inserted either into the mouth (oral temperature), under the armpit (axilliary temperature) or into the rectum via the anus (rectal temperature). This Post Includes: Different kinds of thermometer; Uses of thermometers or own an. Importance of laboratory thermometer: Laboratory thermometers are designed small to make it potable. Common types of thermometers are Medical thermometers, Infrared thermometers, Mercury thermometers, thermocouple thermometers, laboratory thermometers, Bimetallic strip thermometers, Pyrometers, etc. Clinical thermometer is a slight modification of mercury thermometer. A labeled diagram shows an image of the device and all parts including he tube and bulb are labeled. The thermometer is used in clinical, chemical and even gardening. Clinical thermometer can never be used for measuring the temperature of any object other than human body. A clinical thermometer is used to measure body temperature. A thermometer is a device that is used to measure the temperature of a body. The clinical thermometer is can be tilted while reading the temperature values whereas laboratory thermometer need to be kept upright. The least count of both the thermometers is different. It has a constriction in the fine capillary tube. draw a neat and labelled diagram of a laboratory thermometer - Physics - | 99cxqufyy. asked Apr 2 in Science by … Range is the converse of … asked Mar 28 in Science by Randhir01 (59.5k points) heat; class-7; 0 votes. Laboratory Thermometer vs Clinical Thermometer . Bulb of laboratory thermometer is usually larger than its bore in order to contain more liquid, to improve its sensitivity.That's why its more precise as even a small change in temperature will make the liquid to rise in the capillary tube. Partnering with manufacturers, such as Vee Gee and Across, we can offer the highest quality Laboratory Thermometers to keep your lab safe, reliable, and accurate. It is specially designed to measure the human body temperature. It is used to measure the temperatures in school or other laboratories for scientific purpose as they measure temperatures to a range higher than clinical thermometers. Academic Partner. Become our. The range can be increased by lengthening the bore. Laboratory thermometer. Explanation: clinical thermometer : It is scaled from 35°C to 42°c ; Mercury level does not fall on its own ; Temperature can be read after removing the thermometer from mouth ; used to take temperature of body ; laboratory thermometer. The temperature range of clinical thermometers is 35°C to 42°C and that of laboratory thermometers is -10°C to 110°C. Hence it is not used for measuring body temperature. Write a neat diagram of clinical thermometer and label the parts.