wikiHow marks an article as reader-approved once it receives enough positive feedback. Fantastic walkthrough of the process, Ethan! If the stairs were a bit more separated from the rest of the deck, they could have run railings between them. Dark brown with white accents in composite is exactly how we plan to redo our porch/deck combo someday. I actually stumbled across it when looking at some tool reviews on your site. Check the zoning in your location to see if a shed is allowed. This allowed them to double-check level and distance from the house across the entire gap, and make adjustments as needed to each post. Note that you will probably need other people to help you hold the wall structures up until they can be attached to one another. If the top row of anchors are truly in the brick and not anchored to the framing of the house, I would think that this would put unnecessary stress on the masonry? Use the narrow part of the square for clamping the riser gauge and the wider part for the 10-1/4 in. Simply subtract one from the number of risers. The challenges with installing deck posts include keeping each post: The crew moved the first post into place and marked a line indicating the very top of the post which was even with the support beam. Again great article. Makes me confident I can build a shed. Is that to code? Make sure the flashing extends down over the ledger board. Decking was a composite but framing was plain kiln dried lumber… Not a spec of treated lumber anywhere. That'll be the approximate height of the stairs, “X.”. ", "Excellent review of all the basic concepts in 9 amazingly helpful video clips - so smart. share please.. Over the last eight years we've documented hundreds of home improvement and DIY craft projects along with many tool and material reviews. Can you provide the calculations that demonstrate that the guardrails are able to take a 200 lb load applied to the top rail?? What is the overhand dimension and what is the total width of one framing piece? Complete DIY projects like a pro! These were rated for “ground contact”, which, as you might expect, means they can be buried directly in the ground. I look forward to hearing from you shortly. It made driving the 10 nails into the hanger very quick–much quicker than could be achieved with a regular hammer, which is an acceptable (albeit much slower) alternative. (There is no path for water to enter the home.) Great job on the pro-follow, Ethan! {"smallUrl":"https:\/\/\/images\/thumb\/1\/10\/Build-a-Shed-Step-1-Version-3.jpg\/v4-460px-Build-a-Shed-Step-1-Version-3.jpg","bigUrl":"\/images\/thumb\/1\/10\/Build-a-Shed-Step-1-Version-3.jpg\/aid2613-v4-728px-Build-a-Shed-Step-1-Version-3.jpg","smallWidth":460,"smallHeight":345,"bigWidth":"728","bigHeight":"546","licensing":"

\u00a9 2020 wikiHow, Inc. All rights reserved. They filled all the nail holes with a PVC putty so that you can’t even see the nail hole. I will keep you posted how the final result turns out. I am planning a shed build,12×20, that will have to have a free standing joist floor on a slight grade. I am curious as to what type of wood the ledger, beams and joists are made of. Video Summary: How the deck attaches to the house is one of the factors that determines the required number of deck posts and footers. I’d guess the door will be one of the first things when that gets underway. For composite decking, you need 12″ oc joists so that you don’t have that give in between. This process continued for all five posts in the first row along the house. can cause settling in the supports, and the building will eventually become uneven, which can cause a number of issues such as cracked siding, improper stress on framing studs, and in extreme cases, total collapse. that is a nice looking deck. Mark Spelman is a General Contractor based in Austin, Texas. Screw two upright treated 2x6s to the backside of the rim and into the horizontal 2x6 with four deck screws into the rim and four more into the 2x6. Call the North America One Call Referral Service (1-888-258-0808). After the lower rail was fastened, they inserted a picket into each hole. Typically, the crew would err on the safe side and flash anyway; however, in this installation flashing would have been visible and would have detracted from the look of the finished product. Before continuing, all the footers needed to pass inspection. This notching makes the tread appear to go under the riser when viewed from the side, which creates a nice visual look on the staircase. that will direct water away from the house. My stairs are configured differently (come down halfway to a landing and split off in two directions), which may be a factor. With the rise and run dimensions calculated, it was time to mark the stringer. This video shares some details about footer and ledger board requirements. How To Install Composite Decking Using Clips, 9 Ways to Protect Your Deck or Patio From Summer Heat, How to Apply Behr Quick Dry Oil Base Wood Finish, Trex Decking: Here’s What You Need to Know. Also, In replacing one beam using a 12′ untreated 2×10 (which will be covered with tar on the top), the wood warped so badly both twist and bow that I will have to get another piece to finish the job. Center the middle stringer and screw it into the rim with two deck screws. ", "Thanks, guys, I was wondering how to make one! Then multiply by 10-1/4-in., the ideal tread width for two 2x6s, to get the total run. The stair kit had angled brackets. Why was the white PVC trim used instead of a 1×12″x12′ trex board for the fascia ? In my case can I do the same treating the extended ledger as sufficient support for the back of the stair box? Steve’s crew prefers 6 x 6″ posts for their sturdiness; however, 4 x 4″s may be used in certain low-height installations. Starting at the top, the crew measured the riser first, cutting a piece of PVC long enough to reach across the cut edges of the stringer trim. Love this article I will be using it in a few weeks for renovating my deck which is nearly identical in size and shape. I hope I can find installing the door next. Can’t wait to see what you do next. This deck looks fantastic, and will be excellent for entertaining and enjoying the outdoors. ", "One of the best articles I've read! Steve and his crew temporarily secured it in place using a powder charge nailer. Last Updated: November 18, 2020 The guys knew that the house wall was not 100% straight so they ripped the first piece of Trex in such a way as to eliminate as much inconsistency as possible. i am about to install the railings. The second row of posts went in much the same fashion except for one thing. Sign up for our newsletter!