After a few hours with the very helpful IT staff from MIP, I have found the following workaround: Go to C:\Program Files\Alteryx\R-3.4.4\bin and run the R environment from there and install the package --> (install.packages("[missing package]", lib="C:/Program Files/Alteryx/R-3.4.4/library"). However, when I run R in Alteryx, I get the following: "Info: R (1): namespace 'Rcpp' 0.12.8 is already loaded, but >= 0.12.13 is required". I installed the factoextra package from this "install R packages", but when i ran for the hierarchical clustering, it always says there is no available package called factoextra. Can I simply add an R tool from "Developer" Toolset and write library(packagename) to use that package within a workflow? That is included with the Predictive Installer, so you shouldn't need to load it again. I already have the RCPP package under my local Alteryx R library. Can you try reinstalling that package by specifying that library? Are they calling later versions of the packages? Use the .libPaths() command to discover where the Alteryx R library resides on your machine. If yes, how to install new packages for use in Alteryx without running into such issues again. Please make sure you're installing the packages to the Alteryx library (you can point your RStudio libPaths to the same directory). Please let me know how this goes! I have installed the Alteryxpredictive from the package which is available here in the community, but apart from the available packages which comes along with the Alteryx Predictive packages, I wanted to install some other packages for NLP such as "tidytext". For example, your other libraries (from other R consoles you have installed - that's where namespace errors typically come from), the method you're using to install these packages (as well as the versions of the packages), to where you're installing the new packages, read/ write permissions, etc. Motivation. Is there a way to change the repos to an offline directory of packages? Package repository. The error that I am getting is as follows -, Unable to load the RCPP package - Use the R installer provided by Alteryx. I tried installing a package called imputeTS using the command you had provided. Spent yesterday unintall/install versions of Alteryx designer and the predictive tools. - edited on ‎12-03-2019 Our organization won't be able to downgrade versions. Details. on The creation of this package was used as a project assignment in one of the editions of Stat 133 Concepts in Computing with Data. Do you have write permissions to that directory? Note: I have reinstalled all the components of Alteryx along with the predictive packages. Frustrated and demoralized. The error I think is created by running the installation code (install.packages(c('[package]'), repos="") twice; the first time it actually works, but the second time it seemingly cannot deal with the fact that packages are already installed and breaks the tool. Code in Alteryx R in the Insert Code window -> if("geosphere" %in% rownames(installed.packages())==FALSE){install.packages("geosphere")}, Info: R (4): Installing package into 'C:/Program Files/Alteryx/R-3.4.4/library'Info: R (4): (as 'lib' is unspecified)Info: R (4): Warning in install.packages("geosphere") :Info: R (4): 'lib = "C:/Program Files/Alteryx/R-3.4.4/library"' is not writableError: R (4): Error in install.packages("geosphere") : unable to install packagesError: R (4): Execution halted. The library is there. This will bring up the dialogue box in the screen-shot above with the text box for adding the comma separated names of the R packages. Install the latest version of this package by entering the following in R: install.packages ("binomTools") I do not have access to the internet on the machine I am using Alteryx/R, but have downloaded packages to a folder on my computer. Download: (.tar.gz) | (.zip) | Build status: Current | Stable Release: Get binom 1.1-1 from CRAN : R install command: install.packages("binom", repos="") What do i do? For tidytext, what is the R version of that package? It doesn't occur on every package install. The Wald interval is obtained by inverting the acceptance region of the Wald large-sample normal test.. All Rights Reserved by Suresh, Home | About Us | Contact Us | Privacy Policy, Table of available packages, Sorted by Date of Publication, Table of available packages, Sorted by Name. by But I am still having problem installing the required packages using R tool. But I am loading my packages in the Alteryx R Library(which I think is by default where alteryx loads R packages). Ran into this issue with Rcpp too. Thanks, Sydney Firmin | Customer Support Engineer Email: | This example is installing the Windows binary of the odbc package with all dependencies. Download the Install R Packages app found in the Predictive District of the Gallery: Open Install+R+Packages.yxzp and run the app. Can you enable all macro messages (in your Workflow - Configuration, Runtime tab) to see what additional information it provides? Can you enable all macro messages, and post the specific error messages you get when you try to install tidytext? View on CRAN. Installation. I really need some help. Please include your Alteryx version and specs, any other R consoles you may be using, the full macro messages with errors, and all of your .libPaths() - thanks! All the runs of the app were successful without any errrors but I am not able to locate the R packages. hi @arindam2007b - try installing the packages one by one, then testing. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Definitive answers from Designer experts. I'd recommend posting this question to the Advanced Analytics forum - your questions will get a lot more visibility, and that way people who see this same error will be able to find resolution. Info: R (1): unable to load shared object /AppData/Roaming/Alteryx/R-library/rlang/libs/x64/rlang.dll': Info: R (1): LoadLibrary failure: The specified procedure could not be found. Is tidytext in C:\Program Files\Alteryx\R-3.3.2\library? Version. If the packages are large, then should probably do something like this (but would need to loop through if more than 1) to check if you need to install or not: Whenever I am trying to install any packages using R Install Packages tool or R tool I am getting the following errors: R (17) Error in loadNamespace(j <- i[[1L]], c(lib.loc, .libPaths()), versionCheck = vI[[j]]) : R (17) Error: package or namespace load failed for 'AlteryxPredictive'.