Phew! To do this ... Concept Development Map A concept map is a special form of a web diagram from exploring knowledge, and gathering and sharing information. Hello everybody! Feel free to use my ‘English Verb Tenses – Ultimate Mind Map’ as follows: 1) For any NON-commercial use Last but not least, we use the Past Simple tense with the following adverbs : 1) LAST (week, month, year, May …) , examples: I saw her in London last summer ; 2) YESTERDAY , example: Did you watch the film on TV yesterday ? The green arrow is intended to represent the point we situate ourselves when looking back. Past Continuous 1.1. Such as ‘I’m taking salsa classes’, said conversationally whilst having dinner. Here are those download links again, and don’t forget to let me know what you think here. You can explore the vast range of mind mapping applications on my scoopit page. Linda visit ed her sister in New York last month. The green arrow is to draw our attention to the point in time we are most interested in. Do not hesitate to use the tense even if you are not sure about the grammar form! Q: If it rains, does the road become wet? However, even the English sometimes need to count the things which are uncountable. The present perfect simple links the present to a point earlier in time, in other words it links the present to the past. In the future, we have something which will be true in the future, or a future habit: I will call you every week…. THANK YOU SYLVIE ;). Some of us were very speedy, others were rather slow. ¿Sabías que los mapas mentales son una excelente herramienta de aprendizaje? -She had not studied Mandarin before she moved to Jakarta. 4.4.1. They are more about the fact that there are two significant points in time, one of which happened before the other. -I will open the window -Shall I open the window? (Example: Before the accident, she played tennis twice a week.) Instead I’ll send you to sleep with a little discussion about my timeline diagrams, in case they are, incredibly, not as clear as I’d like to think they are. 4.3.3. To describe actions that began in the past and often continued for a short period of time after the action started. All Past Tenses are shown in an easy to follow, colour associated, hierarchic mind map. Active -He lived in Fiji in 1976. This refers to the fact that situations or on-going activities are not necessarily terminated by the event or point in time represented by the big purple dot and the green arrow. I say ‘reasonably’ correct because in the end it’s not an exact science. Memorize the second column of the irregular verbs! Vocabulary Mind Maps Collection by Asun Villamil. So I stress that ‘That’s all of them, now let’s concentrate on each tense, one tense at a time.’, I will often focus on the difference between two tenses, such as the past simple and the present perfect. 5) See 2) and 3) (you get the idea! 4) Make sure the © Copyright… text is included and intact If Q: Is the car going to be washed? A: The car is going to be washed. You will find a list of irregular verbs in EVERY English book! -I am not doing my homework now. What is dronfie (drone selfie) and why you should take one? Grammar worksheets > Verbs > Verb tenses > Past continuous/progressive > PAST CONTINUOUS MIND MAP PAST CONTINUOUS MIND MAP A MIND MAP TO CLARIFY THE USE AND FORM OF THE PAST CONTINUOUS TENSE (please make sure there aren´t any mistakes before … The train stands for the negative form sentence word order. N: It hadn't been washed. 4.1.2. It might not look it, but this modest little English verb tenses mind map took me absolutely ages to do! Also, the orange arrow, indicating the activity in progress, stops at the dot indicated by the green arrow but potentially carries on after it, as shown by the dotted line to the right, without an arrow head. N: He's not been washing the car. Of course, you can communicate very well with little actual ‘language’. you want to download you have to send your own contributions. the website where English Language teachers exchange resources: ... Tenses Grammar And Vocabulary English Vocabulary Tenses English Learn English Grammar Teaching English English Language Simple Mind Map. Examples: A: If it rains, drivers will slow down. In the beginning, we walked on two legs; much later we started walking on four legs. 3) Don’t change ANYTHING Q: If it rains, will drivers slow down? (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}). For negative forms, we just add not to the verb (No, it wasn’t.). N: I won't have been washing that car for five years in March. -He was waiting at home all day when she sent him the message. Estás expresiones te serán muy útiles cuando vayas de compras en el extranjero. PDF Doc ~ Sab on Biggerplate! Likewise, the black sheep is always an exception; in this case, the verb to BE does not need any auxiliary verb when the question or negative form is concerned. If any of the authors of any of these images see them and want a credit and link back to their work I’m only too happy to oblige. ‘Does that really exist?’ they often ask me! 4.4.3. This tense is, of course, hugely important in English and is one of the most difficult for learners of other languages to master. A concept map consists of nodes or cells that contain a concept, item or questions and links. Now you are ready to talk about the past!