Prior to this I had no GI problems. The kombucha that was consumed by each of the four individuals was documented as having been “home brewed” rather than purchased from a commercial vendor. Another example could be someone taking a psychostimulant who feels extremely jittery due to the fact that his/her kombucha contained more caffeine than was expected, which synergized with the caffeine to potentiate psychostimulation. The newly introduced SCOBY may induce death of certain bacteria, causing them to generate endotoxins and leading to an immune response – possibly implicated in anxiety. Clean water is usually the best for cleansing the body. Foods significantly affect your gut microbiota composition, which the kombucha is modulating. Only when reading online, do I see a recommendation to build up to that amount. (8). Although I am 65 I considered our diet (Mediterranean) and 5 days of exercise per wk to be healthy. One of the side effects that has been reported from kombucha overconsumption is “chills” characterized by feverish feelings and goose bumps across the skin. Always brew kombucha using sterile equipment in sanitary conditions and follow directions when using a kombucha-brewing kit. Much of the bloating has dissipated but I have severe acid reflux, stomach cramps and some days of constant nausea. For those that experience some side effects from kombucha, are there any strategies that you’ve found helpful for attenuating them quickly? There are many different kinds of kombucha available to consumers. It’s also unpasteurized and contains small amounts of caffeine and alcohol. Also evaluate the amount of kombucha that you consumed and whether it was ingested with food. Also be sure to scan the label to determine whether it contains any additives to which you may be allergic. Eventually your gastrointestinal function should normalize and any constipation experienced as a side effect is likely to subside. If you were to drink a half-gallon within an hour or two, you’d be getting significantly more: alcohol, caffeine, carbonation, organic acids, sugar, and possibly toxins (if present in your batch). And shame on the Kombucha manufacturers who claim that it’s totally safe and refuse to put a disclaimer on their products. Ensure that you are staying well-hydrated and discontinue kombucha consumption until the flatulence improves. More problematic is that the long-term neurological effects resulting from lead exposure are irreversible. To avoid a kombucha-related death, it is recommended to rule out medical conditions that may be contraindicated with kombucha. Differences in tolerability and side effects are likely influenced by a myriad of individual factors such as: administration details, the person’s age, body composition, gut microbiome, histamine tolerability, medical history, and metabolism. Note: It is important to keep in mind that co-administered substances (drugs, supplements, etc.) It was mentioned that 1 of the 2 women died, whereas the other experienced cardiac arrest but managed to fully recover. Note: The author of this site is not engaged in rendering professional advice or services to the individual reader. Diarrhea is hypothesized to be most common among those who are new to drinking kombucha and may be a result of introducing billions of new bacterial species. For these reasons, some people may experience bloating, gas and diarrhea if they consume too much kombucha. The problematic effect I experienced before finishing a cup of kombucha resembled that fuzzy feeling that Benadryl produces: a heady dizzy feeling with perhaps some moderate aching in the body. Although the patient had no known risk factors for liver disease, he had developed an enlarged liver and hepatitis, with abnormal liver enzyme studies. – as culprits. If you prefer to age slower and live a longer life, if you rather have more time... Read on! First-time or novice kombucha consumers may become tired as part of an internal detoxification process in which the bacterial species within kombucha replace pathogenic microbes within the gastrointestinal tract. As with anything, moderation is key. Time to give it up. New bacteria introduced to the gut are competing with older bacterial inhabitants for survival, and in the process, some will die off. It’s plausible that sweating may signify an allergic reaction to kombucha and/or interaction effect (between the drink and a medication/supplement that you’re taking). Yes! Drink too much, and you may also leave yourself more prone to headaches, gastrointestinal discomfort, and other side effects. Depending on the brand, just one serving of kombucha can contain as much as 28 grams of sugar, the equivalent of 7 teaspoons (19). As she ceased her kombucha habit and reduced her intake of alcohol, the jaundice subsided. Note: In the event that you have questions about a specific kombucha side effect, talk to your doctor. Signs of hypoglycemia include: mental confusion, heart palpitations, shakiness, sweating, and anxiety. modest, moderate, intense). Liver problems: In rare cases, it’s possible that kombucha consumption may induce hepatotoxicity and/or exacerbate preexisting hepatic impairment. Also, he noticed that his urine had become dark. In short, the more kombucha you drink – the more side effects you should expect. But although kombucha is good for you, it’s possible to drink too much. That said, there have been a couple of case reports suggesting that aches/pains in specific areas such as the head and neck – might occur following kombucha consumption. One of the side effects that has been reported from kombucha overconsumption is chi… Other elements of the drink that may cause you to vomit include: alcohol, caffeine, carbonation, and sugar. People who frequently drink beverages high in calories are more likely to be overweight or obese than those who don’t (6). A week or two into this I got what I thought was the flu. OK, now it’s Aug. and I’m back to eating anything I like, anytime I like. If you are histamine intolerant as a result of reduced activation of enzymes such as diamine oxidase (DAO) or histamine N-methyltransferase (HNMT) – headaches could be a normal reaction to drinking kombucha. That said, individuals with diabetes should understand that the drink could modulate their blood sugar levels. per day, I think it has too much acid to be consuming. Then in Feb 2018 I bought GTs Gingerade again and drank about 14oz daily for 3 days. Look up the CDC report about the 2 ladies who got lactic acidosis from kombucha. While that’s a small amount compared to the 47 mg of caffeine found in one cup of brewed black tea, drinking too much kombucha can impact those sensitive to this stimulant (24). I never thought it would make me sick. Once the detoxification process is complete, brain fog may cease and mental clarity may improve like was initially intended. Certain foods can be very harmful for pregnant women and their babies. The intolerability issue may be related to sensitivity to histamine or a comorbid medical condition. And still, Kombucha sits innocently on our grocery shelves, next to the refrigerated fruit and veggie juices, with not a warning in sight. Usually bloating is extremely uncomfortable and can lead to modest or negligible increases in water retention and weight. Eating a meal with histamine-rich foods may provoke more side effects due to the fact that kombucha is also high in histamine. I went to bed and the next morning my dizziness and foggy head had completely disappeared! Kombucha is usually made with black or green tea, both of which contain caffeine. I was afraid I may even have to go on disability for a while because my dizziness and foggy-headedness along with headaches were so bad. Large quantities of the drink may overwhelm your microbiome by displacing current inhabitants of your GI tract, leading to “die off” (i.e. Sipping an occasional kombucha drink won’t hurt your waistline, but drinking kombucha daily may contribute to excess calorie consumption, which can lead to weight gain. To avoid serious stomach aches from kombucha, it is recommended to: consume small amounts of the beverage infrequently, drink only on a partially-full stomach, and/or dilute kombucha with water prior to consumption. Kombucha has been found to benefit digestive health due to its probiotics, or beneficial bacteria. I said I thought they were dead. Any co-administered substances that modulate the gut-brain axis such as antibiotics or even strong probiotics – could influence side effects you experience from your kombucha. I rationalized that since my body was used to the RAW probiotics, drinking Kombucha which had a strain of yeast unfamiliar to my body, that the bacteria in my body didn’t like the invasion and gave me a “die off” effect.