I’m using this Sempio Gochujang. If you’ve never heard of gochujang, it’s a Korean chile paste made with chile peppers, rice, fermented soybeans, and salt. I used Korean sweet potato glass noodles instead of ramen to avoid gluten. This Gochujang Ramen with Tofu is a quick and easy way to indulge that noodle craving! I added a soft boiled egg for some extra protein., and used sriracha in place of gochujang (which doesn’t seem to have made it to my local – Australian – grocery store yet). So this ramen recipe is perfect timing. Let the noodles boil for about a minute, or just until they being to soften up and loosen up from the block. That stuff is to die for. Personally I’d never use that seasoning packet unless there were no alternatives. These frozen and already prepped squid are not my first choice because its texture is compromised being already processed. Or, if you’re looking for non-spicy ways to spruce up your ramen, check out my post about 6 Ways to Upgrade Ramen, or my Vegan Creamy Mushroom Ramen. Cook until vegetables are well-coated in even layer of … Whisk together lime juice, … Ca Tim Xao Tom is a quick stir fry recipe of eggplant and shrimp in a sweet and savory garlic sauce. Gochujang is a Korean fermented red chili paste, mixed with soybeans, glutinous rice powder and salt. Another quick, easy, and delicious instant ramen recipe, thanks Beth! But if you’re in the hankering for fresh noodles, it’s really easy to make ramen noodles from scratch. The condiment keeps well in the fridge. It’s excellent! As a food lover and a number cruncher I've decided that cooking on a budget shouldn't mean canned beans and ramen noodles night after night. It has a spicy and sweet flavor that goes great with stir-fries, soups, marinades and stews. Gochujang Ramen with Tofu is a quick and easy way to satisfy that noodle craving. However, I always have a bag or two in my freezer for emergency dinners when I’m short on time or just feeling lazy. If you buy from the links on our site, we may receive an affiliate commission, which in turn supports our work. I now am wondering what do I do with all the rest of the gochjang. I find it in bulk at Costco. Just remember to store it in the fridge after opening to preserve freshness and that vibrant red spicy color. Small budget? Gochujang is a fermented hot pepper paste and a staple in Korean cooking. This is an extremely simple, easy, and delicious recipe!!! You can find it just about anywhere, like sriracha sauce nowadays. Preheat wok with 2 tablespoons vegetable oil over high heat. Gochujang-Ranch Crispy Chicken Bowl. It’s those fermented soy beans that really set gochujang apart and give whatever you’re adding it to that extra “WOW” factor. I don’t indulge in them often, and when I do I often spruce them up with something special to make them a little more interesting. MUCH. Would love your insights… Thanks! Here, we use a few pantry staples to transform it into a spicy-sweet dressing. You are basically throwing everything together in a wok. Add the water, vegetable broth, and gochujang to a small sauce pot. Maybe some Asian grocery stores in the US carry those too-? I don’t know about larger quantity, but stores in Korea do sell ramen packages without the flavor packets. Garnish with green onions and serve with steamed rice for a complete meal. Just look in the Asian section at your local grocery store or click here to get it online. It was a box with four dried packets of ramen for about $3. block of tofu and cut half of it into ½-inch cubes. The squid I’m using in this particular recipes comes frozen. Kinda like popcorn chicken, but SO. I loved that umami flavor. Protein. This was super tasty. Want to try to make your own? (how long?) I can’t remember how many right now. They are already prepped, scored and precooked. If you have an Asian grocery store near you, you’re sure to find a really good selection there, and probably much better prices. Slice the green onions and sprinkle over top of the ramen just before serving. 1/2 lb fried tofu cubes; 1 lb frozen precooked and scored squid (thaw out in lukewarm water) Spicy Stir-Fry Sauce. (At least that’s what I did…) I still only used 2 tablespoons of gochujang though and added in a little MSG to boost the flavor. Required fields are marked *. Vietnamese Sweet and Sour Pork Ribs Stir Fry (Suon Xao Chua Ngot) is deep-fried pork spare ribs simmered in a savory sweet and sour tomato sauce with bell peppers, onions and pineapples. For this recipe I didn’t press the tofu at all. It was light and refreshing. Stirring continuously until the sauce is thickened and ingredients are covered in sauce. I like the freedom of tweaking the flavors and salt content, but you can use the seasoning packet if you prefer. Korean Gochujang Dressing. My adjustments: one of them was to cut the gochuchang in half, since I’m trying to avoid having a runny nose in my Zoom meetings. I love good quality food, but I also have a small place in my heart reserved for convenience foods like instant ramen or frozen pizzas. Drain the tofu and cut it into 1/2-inch cubes. Most of the leaves are usually discarded as too much can give a dish a slimy texture. A fast, filling lunch! Once boiling, add the instant ramen noodles (without seasoning). Cooking on a budget shouldn't mean canned beans and ramen noodles night after night. On to my 2nd bowl……. It works well in many dishes from all around the world, and served in a variety of forms (casseroles, stuffed, grilled or stir-fried). I already have a “spicy Korean style stir fry sauce” which I think has gochujang in it from the ingredients. Rau Muong, also known as water spinach and morning glory, is a leafy swamp vegetable that grows in abundance in Vietnam. I’ve posted before about the things I like to add to my instant ramen to give it an upgrade, and now I have a new favorite ingredient—gochujang! You can find them on amazon! Here’s the website: https://hakubaku.com.au/. The most substantial lunch bowl of your life. … Whisk until the gochujang has dissolved. Also highly recommend adding a soft-boiled egg if you’re not vegan. Whisk until the gochujang is dissolved. Vietnamese Shaking Beef is seared cubed steak sauteed with garlic, onion, butter, and a soy marinade. :) Hope this helps! Easy Spicy Korean Squid and Fried Tofu Stir Fry with Gochujang. I just made this for the 1st time-very easy and very yummy! Mix together the sauce ingredients in a small bowl and set aside. Found all ingredients at my local Kroger (Fry’s). You can use gochugang to make tteokbokki, Ive been wanting to tteokbokki for a while but was worried I’d have leftover gochugang that I don’t know what to do with. so you can see what’s available. Ugh. This hearty, sweet and smoky pineapple … The beef goes onto a bed of lettuce, watercress, tomato and/or cucumbers, and served with an optional lime-salt-and-pepper dipping sauce. It’s basically pure salt. I called 4 supermarkets in my area. The tofu I used comes in a plastic container with a bunch of liquid, so I just drained the block from the liquid that is in the package. I also find that some brands are more delicate than others, so you may just need to find one that works well for you. The prized part of the vegetable is the tender shoots. I used a peas and carrots mix instead of the spinach. Welcome to the world of delicious recipes designed for small budgets. I’d love some guidance and ideas. My first choice for using up the other half of the block would be to make a half batch of my Curried Tofu Salad. Sweet & Smoky Pineapple Chipotle Chili. Gochujang is really starting to trend in the U.S. because of its uniquely sweet-salty-spicy and UMAMI flavor. Sticky Baked Korean BBQ Tofu Bites with Gochujang Ranch. I also swapped out the tofu for portobello mushroom slices and added a boiled egg (per how Beth taught us in other recipes) and dash of low-sodium soy sauce to finish. Serves 3-5. We independently source all of the products that we feature on cleaneatingmag.com. So if you haven’t tried it yet, put it on your list! No seasoning packets but they sell their broth individually in quarts. I save the little packets and add to the pot when I next make broth from scratch. Add the cubed tofu to the pot. Probably not as good as an Asian market though :). Add kimchi juice, gochujang, and soy sauce. In today’s recipe I’m tossing my gochujang stir-fry sauce with fried tofu and squid. First time I’ve ever had Gochujang and it’s amazing, love the heat and saltiness. Join Active Pass to get Clean Eating magazine, access to exclusive content, thousands of training plans, and more. No meal is complete without a vegetable side dish.