Served with black beans or refried pinto. Special lunch 2 $6.99. Order of two burritos, combine one chicken and bean and one beef, and bean topped with lettuce, tomatoes and sour cream, Two burritos with beef tips and melted cheese on top, Two burritos, one chicken, one beef tips, topped with cheese and green tomatillo sauce. Every Monday! One beef burrito, one enchilada and one tamale $9.99, 16. Old favorite, grilled tortilla sandwich stu ed with chicken, cheese, onion, sliced jalapeños, and chopped avocados. A cup of our creamy smooth refried beans topped with melted cheese and served with tortilla chips. We look forward to seeing you soon! SUN - THUR 11 AM - 10 PM FRI - SAT 11 AM - 11 PM. Served with rice, beans and salad. We make everything by hand every day - from our delicious soups, main dishes and flavorful sauces, to our salad dressings and desserts. Two our tortillas deep fried, lled with chicken or beef and fried beans. Served with rice and salad. La Hacienda Mexican Restaurants serves fresh, flavorful, upscale Mexican-style dishes prepared from the finest ingredients. Fajita with mushrooms, spinach, zucchini, onions and bell peppers. Chopped marinated pork, choice of flour corn tortillas or, three our tortillas, green hot sauce and refried beans, Three flour or corn tortillas stued with shrimp, lettuce, cheese, and pico de gallo with black beans or refried pinto beans, Three soft tacos, beef fajita or chicken. Served with rice, lettuce and guacamole, Three rolled corn tortillas lled with chicken, topped with, tomatillo sauce. One enchilada, one beef burrito and chile relleno $9.99, 14. Large - 3.99 | Small - 3.39 . Served with rice and beans and, 12.02 Oz. We even feature a special 10% discount for all Midland and Metropolitan students on presenting a current student ID card. Grilled flour tortilla sandwich, stuffed with mushrooms, avocado and cheese $8.99, 15. Burrito lled with beef tips and smothered with cheese sauce, lettuce, tomatoes, special burrito sauce and sour cream, served with spanish rice & refried beans, One chicken quesadilla & chile relleno with spanich rice. One chalupa, one cheese enchilada and beans $8.99, 3. All dinners include crispy tortilla chips with sauce, refried beans and rice, Only a macho appetite can handle this one! Served with Spanish rice and sour cream and guacamole, Tender roast beef with beans, guacamole salad and our tortilla. Cheese and pico de gallo on top, Extra big burrito lled with tender sliced beef or chicken with bell, peppers, onions, beans and cheese dip. LUNCH ENTREES. Fresh strawberries blended with rum and lime juice plus lots of crushed ice make this a frosty sensation. Served wirh rice, beans and tortillas, Two quesadillas, one chicken and one beef. $4.99, Coke, Diet Coke, Lemonade, Sprite,  $1.99, pineapple/piña, lime/limon, strawberry / fresa, mandarin/mandarina, agua mineral, © Copyright 2020. Topped with cheese dip & pico de gallo. One chalupa, one chile relleno and one beef burrito $9.99, 17. Large - 6.99 | Small - 3.99. Refried Beans & Cheese. One burrito, one enchilada, spanish rice & fried beans $9.99, 18. One beef, one chicken enchilada with lettuce, tomatoes, Grilled chicken breast served with spanish rice, fried beans and two, Mexican style pork with green tomatillo sauce, served with, Fried tender pork, with fried beans and rice, topped with pico, Fried tender pork seasoned with onions, tomatoes, rice & beans, One taco, one enchilada and choice of spanish rice or fried beans, Two flour tortillas rolled and stuffed with chicken and cheese then, deep fried. Three our or corn tortillas stued with seasoned grilled tilapia. Two crab & shrimp burritos, served with lettuce and pico de gallo. Served with rice, beans, avocado and tortillas, Three chicken enchiladas with tomatillo sauce and cheese dip, Chicken cooked in mexican sausage and cheese dip. 1744 Sentinel Drive Chesapeake, VA 23320 (757) 545-1121. One chile relleno, one beef burrito and spanish rice $9.99, 25. Served with spanish rice, Giant 10 inch our tortilla stued with chicken, mexican sausage, bell, peppers, onions and beans with rice inside. Instagram. Our Menu. One Enchilada, one taco, one chile relleno and spanish rice $9.99, 4. One chile relleno. Kid’s nachito (chicken or beef) $4.99H. Frosty Glass | Five-Drink Pitcher | Eight-Drink Pitcher, For a taste of the tropics, we blend pineapple, coconut and rum... slushy and refreshing, Finest to be had... aged for two yearsin small oak barrels, Classic margarita made with 1800 Cuervo Tequila and Grand Marnier. Served with chips and salsa, Two soft tortillas filled with refried beans, lots of meat, sliced jalapeños, colby cheese, chopped lettuce and diced tomatoes, Three soft flour tortillas filled with slices of tender sirloin, all covered with melted colby cheese, Three tortillas filled with refried beans and topped with melted colby, Three soft flour tortillas filled with chicken, colby cheese and covered with melted Monterey Jack and sour cream, Three flour tortillas wrapped around spicy ground beef and topped with melted colby cheese, Two soft flour tortillas filled with beans, generous portions of chicken, sliced jalapeños, colby cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and sour cream, Try something a little different! Served with rice and beans.