Body Lotion. There is absolutely a good reason why it is the reigning queen of fragrance right now.. it just smells good, plain and simple. It’s quite a young pretty scent. I'd worry more about it not being unique if you work in an office setting, etc. I went from dislike to like to love then again dislike. Especially sweet gourmand fragrances, but lately Idk I’ve been kind of digging them. I recently tried it, I am wearing right now from a sample and I think it has not the disturbing thickness it had with its release. For me it is so easy going that I could sleep with it!;). A bit of orange making it smell happy, but that's only for a couple of minutes. Démaquillant Yeux Instantané Effet Non Gras, Rouge à lèvres mat - Hydratation et Galbe Absolu. Confession time...I am a perfume snob. var variant_ids = {}; It's timeless, feminine, and elegant. Beautiful, feminine, delicious scent and amazing longevity/projection. La Vie est Belle is incredibly beautiful and feminine, elegant and pretty - although I would definitely say to use it sparingly. *actual product may vary slightly from image. I can’t find anything redeeming about it besides the strong projection, but even then with a fragrance this intensely nauseating that is a huge con for me. var id = $('.purchase_form').find("input[name='id'], select[name='id']").val(); I personally would have to get this perfume a 6/10. I just got this...seriously. I usally stay away from mainstream perfumes, but i could not resist this lol. Faites plaisir à vos proches et profitez jusqu'à -50% sur les coffrets bientôt arrêtés. Mes données pouvant être utilisées à des fins statistiques et analytiques. La Vie Est Belle starts off smelling 50-50 patchouli and vanilla, 30 minutes later it smells gourmand with a bit of patchouli. Une e-consultation visio de 30 minutes offerte avec nos conseillères Lancôme. When I first smelt this fragrances it was very sweet to me but when it settled down it’s lovely and it’s amazing smell it on someone on the street. LVEB is my super best and I love it! Too many burnt sugar/ cotton candy/ fruitchouli concoctions out there. Well,,,wow! I am wearing this now (received a sample) and I really do not like it at all. It is little more complex than a linear vanilla fragrance or the drydown of La Nuit Tresor (another favorite of mine). PROS: Elegant, STRONG, subtly sweet SPICEY and warm, well blended and smells rich. this was a gift. I adore LVEB. For me there is a huge similarity with Flowerbomb edp by Viktor and Rolf, i like LVEB better though. It turns on me after a little bit of time. Smells yummy in the bottle though. I was among the first to endorse LVEB as a signature scent around 2013; that is, right before it became too popular, too hard to get, and scattered in many different versions. Note: I think it must smell different on some other people because on my skin, this is not a 15 year old's SUPER DUPER sweet perfume. It does smell lovely, but it doesn't make it to the top of the list of my favourites. 50 ml (4.7) 1,424 reviews. I bought this after I watched Gabby Loves Perfume youtube channel, she mentioned about many people suddenly hate this perfume because it is so popular which I think is true. The woman of my dreams wears this! Then I received a mini as a sample during a purchase on the Lancome site and started first still not impressed. It lasts forever on clothing, but not so much on my skin. I don't know what it is but I cannot get into this one. This perfume is lovely, but it did not smell good on me. I received it from my sister many years ago. Fragrantica® Inc, San Diego, CA United States. I'm a male and I wear this shite lmao, to me it's smells very vanilla with a hint of praline and Tonka bean . My signature was always pink sugar but I’m in my early 20s and I wanted something a little more “grow-up” and this was the perfect fit. This is effervescent and gorgeous! Perfect scent. I think there are people out there who will love this. A universal declaration to the beauty of life. (I used to be one of those people BTW), This is a nice girlish bottle and inside of this I can smell coco mademoiselle with flower bomb and in the drydown a little bit of angel. Fortunately, you can buy taste of kiss by la rive for a very decent price online. 5 with We won't share you address with anyone. Lancôme is the type of company that usually launches great fragrances, which become a sales success, every five years or so. Testez virtuellement et en temps réel vos teintes favorites ! This perfume is Paris in a bottle! The sweetness is syrupy to me. i'm not sure what ingredient is doing it for me- patouli and tonka bean perhaps? Such a classic, beautiful scent! Oh and lasts all day, just gorgeous. You know it from the first moment you smell it. if (id && variant_ids[id]) { A bit more fruity than Flowerbomb, but overall pretty similar. I lost my house and entire perfume collection to a California fire in Oct of 2019 and I have been , slowly repurchasing the loves from my collection. Le produit a été ajouté à votre sélection. @mokelox What to you mean by saying returned? She loved the perfume, but her husband couldn't stand it. I don't get compliments on this scent. It's great if you also like sweet powdery perfumes. i guess i should wait for the winters to give the final verdict. The queen of all gourmands. To me, the body wash is much more subtle and less cloying. Look I’m just being honest....but must say I’m baffled as why this is so popular....URGH!!! La vie est not so belle... Headache inducing during the summer. It lasts 10 hours at least. No matter your age, I believe you must try this perfume at least twice in your life, even if you don't care for it at first. This is REALLY sweet initially then dries down into the sweet fuzziness I smelled on a friend; I could detect other notes, not sure what they are. When I first sniffed it years ago, I thought it smelled generic, overly sweet and kind of cheap, I didn’t give it a chance to develop. It’s like a grape flavoured Kool Aid concoction with tons and tons and tons of sugar, sugary cough syrup, and synthetic strawberry air freshener mixed in... Why was this fragrance made?? In the original version, praline with currant and patchouli reigned, in the new version, praline with tonka and patchouli. And the lasting power, wow! I know it repulses some and others say it’s headache and even nausea inducing, and I could see how that maybe the case for some if you don’t take to sweetness — just not for me. This is nowadays one those perfumes you just smell everywhere. Not what I was expecting at all unfortunately...after the first initial spray I was like ‘oh hell...’ I really was hoping it would get better, but that overwhelming headache inducing smell kept on lingering....heck it was so bad I had to take a shower, even after that I kept smelling it all night, as did my partner who also described it as awful. I love Gaultier's perfumes, including original Scandal that was a blind buy for me. After an hour or so It remains that slightly basil/patchouli burnt marshmallow Until it just becomes Tonka. Ajoutez une touche de beauté à votre messagerie. The patchouli in this is very very strong, it is the most prominent note by far. The sweetness of LVEB makes me happy. One of those that men buy to women when they don`t know their taste, just because it`s popular. Strong and long lasting. Or maybe I am just justifying myself for liking a "super popular fragrance".