The panicles grow in clusters of ten or more, reaching 10 to 40 cm (3.9 to 16 in) or longer, holding hundreds of small white, yellow, or green flowers that are distinctively fragrant. History/Lore/Use: Litchi chinensis is the only litchi tree that is grown for commercial purposes. #118557359 - Colorful insect Cicada or Lanternflies (Pyrops candelaria) insect.. #116917684 - Fresh organic lychee fruit in a bowl on a rustic wooden background... #117181159 - Macro shot. Litchi, Chinese #151789070 - Green lychee leaf on a white background. #152612907 - Green lychee leaf on a white background. Make Hot Pictures - Job Application Forms, Tree Pictures | © 2010-var theDate=new Date() Masoala national park. Red litchi fruits grow at tree closeup, Fresh litchi/lychee on litchi/lychee tree. Lychee sprout from the ground. #118557279 - Colorful insect Cicada or Lanternflies (Pyrops candelaria) insect.. #133032234 - Lychee fruit on tree in plantation of Thailand. This tree grows at a slow growth rate. A fresh fruit Lychee and leaf on the Lychee tree in the harvest season, Lychee fruit (asia fruit) on the tree. Sprig with fruits.. #146263469 - Lychee slice peeled on wooden Fresh lychee with green leaves.. #122404910 - lots of litchi on white and cut, #149945102 - Ripe Yellow star fruit or star apple, Carambola on Wood floor. The Lychee contains on average a total 72 mg of Vitamin C per 100 grams of fruit. FOOTAGE. Natural background. Dried lychee are often called lychee nuts, though, of course, they are not a real nut. Number on producer of lychees is China, then India, other countries include Southeast Asia, Indian subcontinent and South Africa. Sweet Thai exotic tropical fruit. Cake Tart Fruit. Shadow Puppets - 8 0 3. Mature tree crowns tend to be round in shape. The litchi are Hanging on the tree , very mature and inviting, LITCHIS ON A BRANCH ON A LITCHI TREE. The fleshy, edible portion of the fruit is an aril, surrounding one dark brown inedible seed that is 1 to 3.3 cm (0.39 to 1.3 in) long and .6 to 1.2 cm (0.24 to 0.47 in) wide. All rights reserved where applicable, Litchi, Facts & Information on the Litchi Tree Species, Litchi Brewster, commercial crop in Florida, Litchi Groff, latest ripening variety August to September, Litchi Kwa Luk, amazing flavor and fragrance, Litchi No Mai Tsze, leading variety in China. Wildlife Value: Wild trees still grow in parts of southern China and on Hainan Island. Sprig with fruits.. #117181158 - Lychee sprout from the ground in a pot. Affordable and search from millions of royalty free images, photos and vectors. Lychee Tree Trivia. Bloom Time: Tree wallpaper images can make beautiful backgrounds on your computer`s desktop. #139660819 - Lychee. #126120752 - Close up of fresh lychee and peeled showing the red skin and.. #132937821 - Lychee fruit on tree in plantation of Thailand, #148181596 - Fresh Lychee and red cover fruit sweet tast Thailand grest fruit, #122404918 - lots of litchi on white and cut. Top.. #146262516 - Lychee slice peeled texture background top view Fresh lychee.. #151870362 - Green lychee leaf on a white background. Search 123RF with an image instead of text. Background, Group of Lychee fruit on the tree. Ripe red litchi fruits at tree closeup, THE BUDS ON THE BRANCHES OF THE GREEN TREE ARE ON THE LITCHI TREE. #114681886 - local malaysian lychee isolated in white. #130051087 - close up star apple sell in organic fruit market, topical fruit.. #147182131 - houseplants in flowerpot on windowsill in real room interior, #146556947 - Lychee leaf isolated on white background. See more ideas about Fruit, Lychee fruit, Lychee. Litchi chinensis. Photos. Top.. #139660820 - Lychee. 8 0 3. To view Tree Pictures Online tree categories in your preferred language click on the "Select Language" scroll down menu to your language ... select language and then wait a moment for the translated Tree Pictures pages to appear. Background, Unripe exotic fruit Lychee on tree. Lychee fruit. The fresh fruit has a "delicate, whitish pulp" with a "perfume" flavor that is lost in canning, so the fruit is mostly eaten fresh. #147165937 - Longan fruit isolated on white background. Lychee fruit on tree. Symbols & Their Meanings Blurred green leaves background -. Litchi Fruit Food. Tree Pictures Privacy #145501804 - Longan fruit isolated on white background. Lychee or Litchi fruit growing on the tree, Lychee, Litchi chinensis, also spelled litchi or lich muzzaferpur india. Madagascar. Unripe green lychee hanging from the tree in orchard, Red Lychee plant on the green tree. Lychee are sometimes called 'Chinese strawberry' due to its origin and appearance. Lychee scientific name: Litchi chinensis Sonn Raw fruits on tree in the garden, Lychee in growth on tree. Thank you for visiting our Litchi Tree Pictures at Tree Pictures, please come back soon for more great tree pictures! The outside of the fruit is covered by a pink-red, roughly-textured rind that is inedible but easily removed to expose a layer of sweet, translucent white flesh. Fresh ripe red lychee fruit hang on the lychee tree in the garden. Fruit on tree, Young litchi on tree. Mature Lychee fruits on tree ready to picking, Picture of ripe lychee fruits ready for harvest hanging from the tree. #148067274 - Longan fruit isolated on white background. Litchi chinensis is a dense round-topped tree with a smooth grey trunk and branches. Hand picking litchi fruits grow on tree, Hands protect litchi fruits on tree. Huge collection, amazing choice, 100+ million high quality, affordable RF and RM images. Need help? #136746117 - Pink and green and black buns for burgers, vertical. Image of sunlight on young light green foliage of a Litchi tree in a garden in summer, LIGHT ON LIGHT GREEN LEAVES AND FRUIT ON A LITCHI TREE. Attributes:,,,,,