With those dangers gone, your entire group can then begin to haul treasures back to the pod before heading down to the next sublevel. series of titles of classic Nintendo games remade for the unique control systems of the Wii. The remainder of Sublevel 5 is simple enemies from previous levels, so beat them and collect the two treasures (the whistling bug enemy is in possession of one treasure) before moving onto the next level. You can write and submit your own guide for this game using either our full-featured online editor or our basic text editor. Grab the one treasure from one of the larger creatures, and then head down to the next area. 0x834: 4 bytes Actual Poko count the game registers, differing from what is displayed on the file select screen if only one of the two addresses is edited. The Army Men series continues, this time in the real-time strategy genre. Throw the Yellow Pikmin up there so they can grab it, then continue northwards till an electrical gate is visible. Now one last job remains in this area, and that is to collect one final treasure. Wistful Wild Map by noypi_gjd v.v.1.0 | 2013. Yellow Pikmin are the only required Pikmin, but bring along a total of 70 Pikmin. Play as Shyacho and Wistful Wild level. Black Friday Video Game Deals Are Live Now, Things Ghost of Tsushima Doesn't Tell You. After beating it senseless, haul the treasure it possessed back to the pod and then head for the surface. Data about the Pikmin 2 save file format. Brittany's Lair Wikia is a FANDOM Games Community. After the battle, look for the other treasure before heading down to the next area. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Start off by throwing your Pikmin onto the beast, but be ready to whistle them all back the second she begins to shake about. Sublevel 2 is a floor that only Red Pikmin are needed for, thanks to the fire spouts and red spiders (both can not harm Red Pikmin). Same as 0x7E7 but for the Wistful Wild. Fourth level down has a larger creature sitting with it's back to Olimar and Louie, so attack swiftly, capturing the treasure it was holding. Take your White Pikmin along the wall towards the flower pots, following th winding path to the second highest flower pot. The seventh Sublevel is the final floor, so use Red Pikmin to bust the fire spouts, followed by stepping forward to bring out the massive Bulblax. This walkthrough for Pikmin 2 [Game Cube] has been posted at 07 Apr 2008 by DeoxysBlaster and is called "Hey guys!". After defeating those threats, all types of Pikmin can go collect the one treasure before hopping down to the next area. Perplexing Pool level. The second sublevel is simply a place to find nourishing yellow nectar and a place to create some more Purple Pikmin. Follow that by going onto the nearby land, killing the small beasts from the dirt, and then hit the nearby log to bridge the gap so the other Space Captain can bring the other Pikmin across the gap. Sublevel 6 offers more Bulblaxes (one holding a treasure), another whistling foe (defeat to get use of the treasure meter back), two Snagrets , and lots of pools of water. ; All areas now have different maps and names (with the exception of the Wistful Wild). We encourage you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY. Collect 10,000 Pocos and save Hokotate Intergalactic Delivery to unlock Shyacho and the Wistful Wild level. Start off by harvesting more creatures and pellets, also being on the look-out for yellow nectar to increase the abilities of your Pikmin. Third sublevel has a path leading to white flowers, which can turn five of your Pikmin (per flower) into White Pikmin! Yugi and his friends are trapped in a virtual reality world gone crazy. The third sublevel is a short one, with very basic ground enemies, a couple heavy wind blowers (they can not harm Pikmin directly, just knock them down), and one treasure buried (White Pikmin and the treasure radar to find) before dropping down a level. The third Sublevel is a chamber with a lot of gates to batter down, but be wary of the Snagrets that inhabit the area, though seeking them out till one yields the lone treasure of the floor. The game was later remade for the Wii.. Throw Pikmin onto his face, bringing the Pikmin in reserve backwards so the massive beast can not lick them up in large groups. Olimar and Louie must erase their company's debt by collecting blatant product placement ancient artifacts and throwing Pikmin at anything that moves. Have one Space Captain throw Red Pikmin onto the higher ledge while the other Space Captain runs through the fire spouts (thanks to the massive Bulblaxes treasure it does not hurt) to get the Red Pikmin and they will carefully destroy all the fire spouts. Drag the giant bug and the treasure it had ingested back to the pod, finding out it will detect treasure for you now! to pick up the weight at the start of wistful wild, on day 33 and with 18 hours of game time the deed is done, I've finally finished Pikmin 2 fully. We also accept maps and charts as well. Take all the Red Pikmin out into the cave, using them to destroy the fire spouts. Sublevel 4 contains small Bulblaxes, rock spitting caterpillars (one of which carries a treasure), electrical barriers (Yellow Pikmin must destroy), and water shooting enemies (Blue Pikmin can handle with ease). With the treasure now within throwing distance, the Blues can recover the artifact to finish off the area! Sublevel 4 has a bevy of electrical obstacles, including barriers and beetles. The gates are a minor inconvenience, holding the Pikmin back from Purple and White Flowers as well as eggs holding nectar (make use of these to improve the Pikmin team), then head down to th enext area. The fifth Sublevel returns to the easier enemies and just one buried treasure to find, but the nasty bomb enemies will also make an appearance. Third sublevel has spouts of fire strewn through out, so you should split your Pikmin into two groups. Yellow Pikmin go first, busting down the electrical gate they will find, then the others will follow through to the newly opened area to enter a cave! The best way to handle this menace is to go near the enemy, waiting for it to leap high into the air, at which point Olimar and Louie should lead the forces into the area the enemy occupied. And that final push was very conflicting. Throw Purple Pikmin to wipe out the enemies, but be ready to pull the Pikmin back whenever a bomb falls into play. After grinding out 50 more purple pikmin (why would you make me do this game?) After harvesting the treasure, head down to the next level. Now separate your Pikmin, have your Red Pikmin kill the fire spouts, and then take your Pikmin around to the eggs holding the yellow nectar to upgrade their abilities.