I do not answer any number I do not know. Smartphones became vital tools in our daily lives. The two domestic numbers have been replaced with 1223, while 0103 was replaced with 1225. Automated 'voice' saying virus's were detected on my computer. Saying there is a parcel stopped at their depot and click the link!!! Sam Chara VSMA is a scammer is a scammer. Parcel delivery scam. 1. Recorded message saying my TFN was reported in criminal activities - SCAM. They call but dont bother leaving a message... Who can they be...? They are just relentless. #CS(02) 7900 3594DE. It says the caller is from Red Hill, Vic! Don’t trust. Sounded Indian. Automated call saying two purchases have been made on my visa credit card. Just hang up. I said, NO. When I did the call just ended, Called back and said the number was disconnected Probably a scam ‍♂️, My Tax file number has been suspended as it was involved in a major Fraud Case and that I am now involved in a major prosecution. Began asking if I would participate in a survey, but my number is Silent & refused to explain how it got on their list. Message beginning with "Ur delivery". From US. Recorded message says thank you for purchasing an i-Phone 7 from E-Bay for $399 on a credit card, and to press 1 if it wasn't purchased. Claims to be the ATO stating criminal activity being conducted by the peron who answered the call, This is actually my phone number, somehow people are ringing me instead, WARNING FRAUD... Makes out there an internet banking security saying someone has tried taking 1,500 from bank account reported them, Used a playback claiming to be from Australian national broadband company saying my plan’s gonna be terminated, Pretending to be from eBay, telling me that I have charged $399 etc etc, RSL Art Union calling for ongoing membership. blocked. Saying they are telstra and will cut off my nbn. I said that you must've called the wrong number. Got voicemail with no introduction so no idea who it is. Federal government scam threatens arrest if you don’t press 1. Congrats, Harvey Normal Black Week prize draw: 1. This number and two other numbers called me and hung up then when i called back it was disconnected. Rings but won't leave a message...typical telemarketing nerd. Please resolve the issue here: http://wqw0.com/Rlyw8 Got exactly the same message from another number 16 minutes later, Amazon Prime renewal but if you want to cancel subscription talk to their representative by pressing a number. Recorded message saying I've place an order with ebay for $299. A robot caller claiming my Tax File Number has been involved in fraudulent activity and is going to be suspended if I don't provide them information. Picked up without saying my name. He's written about technology for nearly a decade and was a PCWorld columnist for two years. Saying I was going to be arrested and asking for my tax file number. They did not leave a message I have tried to return call but it rings out. Since we launched in 2006, our articles have been read more than 1 billion times. Indian saying they are from Visa and Mastercard saying unauthorised transactions on my cards. Message saying internet banking services suspended pending verification. Also advised them my number listed on 'Do Not Call', so technically they are committing an offense. Qld Theatre company, Want you to donate $350 for some crappy advert. I did not order anything. I called back number (02) 9934 6500 rang once then gets disconnected automatically. Calling claiming to be NBN, likely phising. Missed call at 9pm. The Definitive Cell Phone Directory. Nobody at end of the line then tried to call back states number disconnected. You have been placed in the queue. The above article may contain affiliate links, which help support How-To Geek. Claiming to be from the tax office and I had x amount of days before legal proceedings were about to be taken out against me...... Spam caller;.. this is one of likely hundreds of numbers called from. Scam. It sounded like you called me wrong your car. Asked me to press 1 which I didn't do. Called, I didn’t answer, left no voicemail, didn’t call back. What do they want? Who is it? Received a call from this number saying they are from the tax department and they are suspending my tax file number as I have been charged with fraud. We will thankyou with a nice gift. Picked up and after 5 seconds of silence there was "Goodbye" by female voice and after that they hung up. Have blocked. This is our directory of phone numbers which have been reported by our users. Recorded message saying “stay home. Soon as I posted Gum Tree add, Bombarded by this number...scammers, got a call at 10:39am Monday 23 November 2020, no message left. Blocked the number now. Gives you some menu options like press 2 and give your credit card information to pay your account fee and renew it, My tax file number has been suspended and I will be arrested. $400 on Ebay and $1300 on something else. How to count a users group membership in powershell. Repeatedly asked me to confirm who I was before identifying themselves. package stopped by out depot.. with link to 'resolve', Text SCAM. Sent a text stating that I had been a loyal customer for 2 years and to click a link. Another robocall, waited for me to say anything then started off with "new customer..... At that point I hung up.......not interested in robocalls. Rang them back and got "The nbr you have called is not connected.....". Just sign into Facebook, head to the person’s profile page, and click About > Contact and Basic Info. They are trying to steal your identity. Scammers leaving automated voicemail telling you your tax file number has been suspended and that you will be arrested if you don't provide your financial information. Pretending to be Amazon renewing your 12 month subscription for $99.99, Supposedly National Towing.