Its distinctive boldness is why it is the most easily discerned herb in pizza sauces. Thyme is a main ingredient in this cleansing take on pesto sauce, which you can use as a condiment or add to pasta or rice. I too was extremely happy when I found Nira in an Asian market and then delighted when I tried it in my KuKu Sabzi recipe and realized that it’s taste and texture was so similar to Tareh. Transfer the sliced herb with the slotted spoon to a colander. Thank you so much for your website! SWEET BASIL: This is an aromatic tender herb that is well known to Mediterranean cooks. No need to defrost before use! Thank you for your time. The seed or fruit of cilantro is called coriander and has very different use and taste than the leaves. Hello, I am looking for the name of an herb my grandmother use to bring from Iran, called ‘ghochodi’. The dark shiny leaves are larger than the cinnamon basil and are pointed with deep veins. Wouldn’t it be easier to just buy dried products? Thanks in advance and greetings from Germany! Love. Please email me any recipes you might have ( Lets say in “Baghali Ghatogh”? I have countless Persian Cookbooks and have not been able to find many Azeri/Persian recipes, so I especially appreciate and enjoy those. Organize by: [Syllables] Letters: Show rare words: [Yes] No: Show phrases: [Yes] No: See persian used in context: 17 rhymes, 2 Shakespeare works, several books and … Spread on a tea towel and air dry for several days. Hello and welcome dear CC! I found your website more descriptive and helpful than a dozen other sites I have reviewed. More Farsi words for thyme. would you let me know the English word for SHAHI or TARETEEZAK. The fresh mint leaves make a very attractive garnish for savory dishes and are the garnish of choice for many desserts. Hi – I was wondering if you could help I was travelling in persia a couple of years back and fell in love with the food. many thanks, Dear Tam, thank you for visiting! I will not rest until I achieve chochagh seeds , Thank you so so much for your useful site. Remove the sprigs with a slotted spoon into a colander. Mix these herbs then toss with some salt. TO CLEAN PARSLEY, remove the long stems and discard. It is an annual herb in most climates but in milder weather conditions the seeds from the previous season sprout back in spring. The Greek Oregano is also the flavoring in olive oil and lemon juice dressing for the Greek salad. I also love herbs and the use of all the herbs in the Persian Kitchen. You might be able to find the French tarragon plants from special nurseries, which is really the only way that I have been able to grow mine! Repeat this step several times with fresh cold water until there is no dirt in the bottom of the bowl. Have a great weekend and please keep in touch , Dear Persian Mama, I would like to know the following Persian herbs in English, even better would be to have their scientific name: esfarzeh, khakshir, shirkhesht, I am an herbalist (Chinese and Western herbs) and enjoy knowing about the herbs a lot. While holding the stems, take a bunch in your hand and shake off the water over the sink. Thank you so much for sharing this with all people on the planet since delicious food is loved by all! I have bee. What is the name of this herb in English? Raw (Sabzi Khordan) or cooked, Persian culture has a love affair with herbs. Pooneh is from the mint family. I’m also happy to hear that you’re a fan of Azeri/Persian recipes, and herbs; ME too I believe the herb waters that you’re referring to are for making detox water drinks; I’m not familiar with any other culinary use for them. Hi I found your page by accident while looking for the English name to khalvash maybe you know or if it can be replaced or left out when making darar?