Grab a smoke shelf, and grill vertical for higher piles of portable snacks. Roll your Traeger to the front yard, and toss some pellets into your wood-fired grill for this massive hunk of manly meat. These beef back ribs are marinated in a rich red wine, garlic and herb mixture, seasoned with Traeger Prime Rib Rub and grilled to perfection. A hunk of buttery lobster is the perfect topping for a thick cut rib eye steak that’s smoked & seared on the Traeger. Sometimes you don't need much to make a great burger. For a snack that’s hot, hot, hot, smoke this spicy jerky on the Traeger, then snag a bite whenever your fire is running low. Make it a triple. We tried making it once, but didn’t watch the time closely enough, and ended up over-smoking it. Although it's called for Beginner's, it will seriously make you look like an award-winning champion. Give your greens something to talk about by topping them with sliced tender tri-tip. Beef ribs — it’s what’s for dinner! Corned beef brisket is roasted until tender, accompanied by cabbage, carrots, and potatoes for an Irish-American dish sure to give you luck. It's a beautiful thing whose simplicity produces such incredibly tender and delicious results. Some like it hot! Stuff ‘em good, the messier the better. Traeger takes roast to extraordinary levels of flavor by infusing rich and delicious smoke. Now, I’m not saying we can’t still further perfect our method. These marinated short ribs are sure to be wood-fired showstoppers. This is not your grandma's Shepherd’s Pie — it’s been given an upgrade with Guinness beer and Traeger smoke. Get your daily dose of BBQ wood-fired smoked deliciousness with these smoker recipes. Marinated in a citrus, garlic, and cilantro mix, rubbed with Traeger Prime Rib Rub then grilled till tender, our carne asada will take your taco game to the next level. This savory meatloaf is loaded with all things Cajun for a powerful flavor that would make the deep south proud. Throw brined corn beef right on the grill and fire away. Fire it up on a Friday night & feast like a King all weekend long. You'll love it. These portable pies are originally Cornish, but have since been adopted as traditional Irish pub fare, usually served with crisps (Irish for Fries) and—if you’re feeling daring—gravy for dipping. Traeger Pro Team Member Matt Pittman knows how to pile on the delicious. It’s damn near miraculous. It's a mega beef cake. (If desired, you can stir some of the juices into the barbecue sauce.). Halve any color of pepper and fill with Cajun spiced meat, onions, and beans. These short ribs are nothing short of glorious. Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with these smokin’ tacos. Tightly wrap the brisket in a double layer of heavy-duty foil. Traegered beef tenderloin is highly addictive, the bourbon infuses warm undertones and it smokes up juicy. These burgers ooze unbeatable flavor. Post Category: Recipes, Smoked and Grilled Tagged With: barbecue, bbq, brisket, dinner, meat, smoked meat, traeger, Your email address will not be published. Enjoy your spaghetti the five-way. Pastrami may be devoured in a fraction of the time it takes to cure and smoke a beef brisket, but after one bite of homemade pastrami, you’ll agree that the wait was worth it. It's impossible to keep our flavor under wraps, the marinade penetrates beef and breaks down natural fibers to create very tender ribs. Careers. Smoked till medium rare, then seared over high heat for a caramelized crust, this giant beef cut is raising the steaks. What’s better than a cheeseburger? Spaghetti squash is given the mesquite wood-fired treatment and topped with a homemade beef bolognese sauce. Mit dem Bacon das Schweinefilet gut verschließen und anschließend auf eine Whisky-Planke positionieren. First harvest f His 3-day marinade is essential to breaking the meat down, injecting flavor and giving this tri-tip that signature char. Season the brisket on all sides with the Traeger Prime Rib Rub. Ditch the cheddar and dance on the wild side with pimento. Just like grandma used to make it, only better. We've given the Eastern European favorite the Traeger Twist. The fiery Chilean salsa gives your taste buds a run for their money. The queen of BBQ has outdone herself with this one -- this prime rib is mouth watering. Tender prime rib is given a Meat Church rub crust and slow-roasted over mesquite for a kick of bold flavor. This is one rich dish. Grab your helmet and head out to the grill for winning nachos. A perfectly seared rib-eye topped with green goodness is what BBQ dreams are made of. Ground chuck burger can easily be cooked to a nice medium rare. Transport your family straight to Philly when you serve this all-star meal. Top round is short on fat, and perfect for absorbing zesty, balsamic marinade. P.S. Make it a double. Nice crust developing on the brisket. Fiery flavor will still have your guests screaming and shouting-- for more meat. Skip the bun and give this protein packed recipe a spin. A quick sear and a long, slow cook on your Traeger will produce the tender, rosy roast beef you'll find at the local deli. Serve this to your sweetheart to showcase your love and devotion to steak -- and her. This Irish roast is braised in dark Guinness beer, stuffed with roasted vegetables, & perfect for a Sunday dinner feast. Forget everything you know about brisket and dive head-first into Mediterranean braised beef, seasoned with rosemary, cumin, and oregano. Cheese, onions and beef smashed together on a griddle are all you need to make your taste buds happy and your neighbors envious. Traeger brings America's favorite restaurant, the steak house, to your own house. Make this deli classic right in your backyard. Smothered in a unique asian marinade, your tastebuds will rock to an 11 on the flavor scale. We are highlighting a simple and tasty pot roast brisket recipe. All beef patties stuffed with three different cheeses and topped with double the bacon for a burger you'll melt for. This jerky is doused in a beer, soy and black pepper marinade, and smoked low & slow for an epic protein-packed snack.