I’m pretty content with what I have. Very true words, Stacey… Glad you liked this post! I also like that there is no emphasis on a “right” size of wardrobe among the comments here. Shelves ideally should be less than 1000mm long as longer than this without some kind of reinforcement introduces the risk of sagging. ), Space for drill is needed between top of cabinet and ceiling. Your grey suede ballet flats with the peach crystals sound really cute, Deby! Phew! Congrats on the consignment money! Every purchase has so many qualifications it has to fit now that shopping is a lot harder- but making good choices is much more rewarding. I get dresses in regular work-a-day clothes every day. Every purchase has to work with clothes and shoes, etc., I already have. Most work clothes were very high quality and I wore all of them most of the time. Awesome stuff! That’s what is most important! I wish you the best in paring your wardrobe down to 100 items. Children's Clothing Sizes . The difficult part is identifying the right pieces and avoiding mistake purchases. Yet when it comes to walk in robes we don t always measure up and plan their layout with the same attention to detail as we would for say the kitchen or bathroom i advise clients to take into account some standard measurements and the mix of shelving drawers and hanging space they d like and together with a wardrobe specialist we plan the. I fared quite a bit better during 2013, but I fell short of my goal of ending the year with absolutely no “benchwarmers.”  When all was said and done, I closed out last year with 28 items that fell into that undesirable category. When I stop and consider my ideal frequency of wear, the number ten stands out in my mind. Again thinking about the 10-wears-per-year goal, I realized that if I’m estimating we have about 10 months where I’m wearing my “winter” wardrobe (that sounds dire, but as I think I mentioned I run very cold), then I would have about one month’s worth of winter clothes that I could wear without repeating any given garment. I love how you described your style as “modern English Lady meets Rebel Tomboy.” Sounds like your wardrobe and style are working well for you. I will be pushing myself to wear the 8 dresses I have much more often this year! This space can be covered by a scribe piece strip. Width Where you can find the wardrobes by Height, Wardrobe by Width and Wardrobe by Depth. If you’re looking to cultivate a workable wardrobe full of clothes you love and wear, determining your desired frequency of wear and optimal wardrobe size can be a powerful step to help you reach that goal. 1. Available everywhere I go. We’re looking at approximately 245 days when I will be wearing this larger cross-section of my wardrobe. 0mm-250mm I’d like to wear everything I own, with the rare exception of a few specialty pieces and formal wear items, at least ten times per year. Ideally a cabinet should be off the floor, whether it incorporates its own plinth or it is mounted on a separate plinth. I’m happy to have a small wardrobe as I am retired and tend to wear the same type of clothing every day (no work, church, galas, or other varied wardrobe requirements). Dottie and Deby, You both seem to have wardrobe sizes and organizational systems that work well for you. I have too many tops, too, and I think I’ll follow your lead and see my need to pare down more there as “very good news.” . In this case it is making sure there is enough space for the body of the drill. I think once in 2-3 years I renovate part of my wardrobe (spring 2013 – 5 new items for spring wardrobe, 2011 – 2 wool dresses and wool jacket for winter wardrobe…) Between „ renovations ” I buy accessories, replace some old pair of jeans, T-shirt (in last 12 months I bought 1 scarf, 2 shoes and 1 T-shirt}. When purchasing leather products from ASOS please remember that it is a natural product & some variations between pairs in terms of colour and finishes may occur. Even now, I am still amazed at the low number of clothes I need for a given season. I’m glad you found this post helpful. Last summer was one of the shorter ones, so those clothes didn’t get worn all that much. It’s psychological. I do a lot of laundry — one white wash and one dark wash a week. I look forward to reading all of the responses. Besides , often when I buy an item, I really don’t know how much I’ll plan to wear a garment until I “get to know it”. I think that’s 35 items of clothing, plus or minus 5-8 Ts. Furniture Our Standard Size Of 6 Door Locker For Clothes Storage. Summer (95 days) THAT is what I am looking for in my wardrobe. I don’t think I can put a number on it. Although working at home outside of the office is the norm in order to afford to live here, many people attend benefits and formals. If I purged my closet, my determining factor would be the frequency of laundry and the length of time to dry as I hang all my clothes to dry. I’m down to 5 handbags, which also seems like too many, but I use them all for different purposes and they are different sizes. When we're paralyzed by the idea of figuring out how to pair what we already own, there's a need to more actively evaluate when enough is enough. It is very good to look at my wardrobe honestly and see, which items get their share of wear and which don’t. We have created a number of Template Cabinets that use these dimensions but at the end of the day if you want to maximise the storage and design potential of your space these are just the starting point and you’ll use the Cabinet Designer and Cabinet Planner to customise further. This could be due to the plasterboard sagging under its own weight or an overladen loft. to make things particularly reflect individual style. Haven’t counted, but I have more clothes than I could wear. However, just because one owns a pair of black pants, does not necessarily mean that they are wearable with the black and white checked shirt. 10 jeans I’m about to get rid of some of my “lesser than” tops, too, as I’ve definitely been “splitting my wears.” I can’t believe I once had more than twice as many tops as I have now, as I still have far too many. Looking at how many tops I still own, it’s easy for me to see why those pieces are most likely to become wardrobe “benchwarmers.”  Even if they all get worn two or more times per year, it’s unlikely that many of them will meet my desired wear frequency of ten times per year. Although I have improved quite a bit, the one area that I still need to work on is how much new stuff comes in. I go back to it often to remind myself that I don’t need more stuff. I live in San Diego, California, work from home, and rarely attend formal functions. Total: 100. Alternatively, you can easily expand your current units with matching, made to measure cupboards or you can just replace one of your existing cabinets that may have been damaged. Easy to get ready, throw them on and they always look stylish and I feel like I am well dressed. I’m glad you brought this up, Frugalscholar, and I’m happy that both Marion and Baiba gave their input. If you’re reading this via email or through a feed reader, please click here to comment. That's what I set out to find. toppers: 10 Sadly we’ve observed that for many women, what they really want in their lives appears only in their closet.” OMG, when I read that I realised that I needed to pare down and get a grip but I still haven’t gotten to the goal!! This allows enough room for clothes on hangers, including bulky coats, to fit comfortably inside. I’ve come up with a formula to declutter and compress wardrobe; 10 dresses for work, 10 skirts, 10 blouses/dress shirts/stand out tops, and 5 jackets, and 3 suits, plus at least 5 killer dresses for all the luaus! So please, dear Americans, do not assume that we’re all so very wise and disciplined over here :). Wow, a little eery even . She was right, her wardrobe was very small of exceptional quality and neutral colors. (Yes, to me this was a surprise.) (I guess this is why some on-line shoe retailers have free 2-way shipping. During the years of 2011 and 2012, at least half of the pieces in my closet fit into that category!