In dreams, bulls could indicate uncontrollable passion or repressed sexual desires. White dragon means spiritual rebirth. The bull may also represent a person in your life who is born under the Taurus sign. Bad people or bad situations being completely changed. Sting Dreaming of being attacked by sniper, suggest for you to be more polite even if the person is not able to express his or her feelings in proper manner.Read more…, When you dream of attacking someone, it means that your behaviour will have consequences to others. Seeing a bull in a dream usually indicates wealth and power, expansiveness, and the chance for a rich life. If you dreamed about a bull in general, without many additional details, such a dream might signify your desire to lead a more simple way of living. Dreaming of a bull attacking somebody – If you saw a bull attack somebody in your dream, that dream could be a warning about your behavior. In Chinese culture, bull represents strong will, motivation and perseverance. QuietOn Snore Cancelling Review (New! On the other hand, it can mean difficulties in negotiations or an important loss.Read more…, To see the eye of the bull in a dream, denotes to the uniqueness and individuality of the dreamer.Read more…, Being hit by a bull: obstacles and difficult problems to overcome. / Red Bull The red bull is a symbol of deep and strong feelings and passion. Dreaming of bull fight – If you dreamed of observing a bull fight, that dream could symbolize some people from your surroundings who fight all the time. It also stands for a sense of firmness in your life. My vision was of a prince and a princess and of a bulls head no body and the vision was in the clouds also the head of a cow a head of an ox a head of a lion and a head of a sheep had this vision long ago and I still don't know what it means, I don't normally remember my dreams but this one I did if you could help me with the meaning I'd be very grateful.I was at my mom's and a bull got in the house and started chasing me and my niece the bull cornered us on the kitchen counter my husband came in and punched the bull it fell down dazed but got back up we got the door open and got the bull out...Thanks for your time. Dreaming of a rabbit that is fleeing insinuates that there is a risk of mysteriously losing valuable objects, but that the dreamer will be able to recuperate everything. In waking life he got caught committing a crime and was trying to recall his behavior right before he got caught. Some area of your life where you prefer low standards or low quality because it makes you happy. / Dagger / Fear, insecurity, or loss overpowers you. d.getElementById("contentad633564").appendChild(s); Bear / The bull represents the astrological sign of Taurus. Thank you. Unknown white or green tents in a camp in a dream represent the graves of martyrs. Duck Mechanical Bull Dream Interpretation and Meaning: To dream of a mechanical bull means an aspect of your personality that bothers or it blocks other people.If you dreams of a mechanical bull … If you dream of being chased by some animal, then such dream foretells that you are trying to avoid the animalistic instincts that lie within you. Ignorance of improved possibilities or potential. If we dream of us turned into vampires, then it reveals the danger that we let ourselves be carried away by our appetites increasingly vital and impossible to appease hunger and becoming a threat for us and for others.Read more…, To see a flagpole in the dream symbolizes both, happiness and fortune. To dream that a bull chases and injures a person can mean that due to problems the dreamer will suffer. Pit Bull Dream Interpretation and Meaning: To dream of a pit bull that has as mascot in your house means value, intelligence, you surrenders and loyalty in your life generally. A black bull with horns came near me with it head bowed down and hugged me. To see this page as it is meant to appear, please enable your Javascript! In Eastern cultures, white is associated with death and mourning. In different cultures around the world, bull symbol has been used very common. For a woman to see one flying around in the room at night, forebodes unrequited wishes and disposition which will effect the enjoyment of other people. In some cases, this dream is a sign of financial trouble and decrease of your wealth in the near future. (function() { Cows Dreaming of an aggressive bull frightening you – If you dreamed that an aggressive bull had frightened you, that dream should be considered as a warning about some potential danger or an accident you might soon face, and is asking you to be careful and take extra care of your wellbeing. In a dream, the color blond also means contemptibleness, vileness, meanness or depravity. = 'rc_' + Math.floor(Math.random() * 1000); A bull in your dream is often an indicator that you feel more competitive than usual about something. To find the liver or lungs of an ox, bull, ram, or other horned animal, approaching inheritance of goods, employment and dignity from a superior.Read more…, To dream of the steer, symbolizes manhood, unexpressed power and strength. Bull can also mean that your only way to move forward is to face your past. Foreign Feeling a total lack of jealousy. Bull To dream of The White House represents a perspective on a situation where you are noticing other people under your control. Negatively, white people reflect problems that can't be stopped or situations that are too entrenched for you to do anything about. Some area of your life where you have an advantage or more experience. For example, if the bull was at a distance from you, the dream could indicate meeting someone with whom you might become intimate soon. 2. This way any unresolved issues will stop being on your path that leads to the future. It doesn't really fit my dream exactly. / To see a bull in your dream symbolizes stubbornness, strong will, strength, and power. Power comes naturally. Remembering how simple life used to be. It could mean that it would benefit you to have some of the qualities and strength of the bull or indicate that you should “tame” your bull-like energies. Flagpole Dreaming of a dead bull – If you dreamed of a dead bull, that dream is usually a bad sign. As a symbol in Celtic culture, bull represented power of procreation.