as per instructions of Prophet Mohammad (S.A.W.). After one or two attacks, it got dark and both parties returned to their encampment. Therefore, this brutal murder was very important. Do not kill little children! 2, p. 128; Halabi, Insanu’l-Uyun, Vol. 3, p. 109. Thereupon, he held the standard with his left hand. The Messenger of God said, “O Asma! They could not dare to follow the Islamic army; it was a big defeat for them. 2, p. 129. heard that Al-Harith (R.A.) had been killed, he (S.A.W.) namely avenging Al-Harith’s murder, it resulted in a far-ranging PLEASE help spread the word by sharing our articles on your favourite social networks. They (narrators) said: The Apostle of Allah sent al-Harith Ibn Umayr al-Azdi, a person from Banu Lihb to the Malik of Busra with an epistle. retreating in a fully organized and well-planned Meanwhile the Messenger of God could not help crying. 4, p. 38. He reshuffled the right and left flanks of the At the conclusion of the military [21]Ibn Hisham, ibid, Vol. The battle of Mu'tah is, according to all military criteria, a miracle and a supernatural event. although the details of the battle point clearly to a large number. their part had never thought of encountering such a huge army. do to help fix the problem. location and privacy settings to factory defaults." In the dialog that appears, scroll down to the "Location" The auxiliary forces moved very fast and reached Amr and the mujahids. “THE SARIYYAH OF MUTAH WHICH IS NEAR AL-BALQA AND IT IS CLOSE TO DAMASCUS. Marriage To Sawdah (RA) And Ayesha (RA), Part 25-The Expedition Against The Banu Quraizah, Part 26-Inviting The Kings And Rulers To Islam, Part 3-Abdullah Ibn Abdul Muttalib And Aminah Bint Wahb (Our Prophet S.A.W.’s Parents), Part 33-Our Prophet Muhammad’s (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) Last Moments Of Life, Part 34-The Prophet’s Wives And The Miracles(End), Part 4-Belongings of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W. Click Settings and then Show advanced settings. 3, p. 105. When Shurahbil heard that Harith was the envoy of the Prophet, he killed Harith brutally. battlefields. The mujahids, whose hearts were full of excitement and enthusiasm for jihad, were proceeding on their horses and camels by trying to pass through the desert. Do not say any bad words and do not beat your chest.”[31]. Bitter fighting started between the two parties, they reach the scene of Al-Harith’s murder and invite the people to As a matter of fact, when He­rak­lius, the Byzantine Emperor, saw a handful of people against him, he found it meaningless to give so much importance to it and could not help laughing loudly. At that time, when they were about to starve, Lord of Majesty, the Sustainer, gave them a huge fish through waves. had informed the people of the martyrdom of Zaid, Jafar and Ibn Rawaha before the news of their death reached. the effect that Heraclius had mobilized a hundred thousand troops p.327]. The Prophet prohibited crying for Jafar for more than three days. The Prophet Informs about the Phases of the Fight, The Prophet Tells Jafar’s Family that Jafar was Martyred, The Prophet Cries When He sees the Looks of Zayd b. Haritha’s Daughter, The Treaty of Hudaybiyah and Calling the Great States of the World to Islam. upon the Muslims to choose a leader. In Mu’tah, the Muslim army of 3000 faced 100,000 mushrikeen Arabs, and with them, another 100,000 professional Roman soldiers under the banner of Hiraqal (Heracules). This defeat intimidated Shurahbil. Dhubyan, Fazarah and others came to profess Islam out of their own Mu’tah Battle, after all, constituted Instead they fought by virtue of their religion. The mujahids defeated them and killed Sadus, the commander of the unit. In Uhud, similarly outnumbered 3:1, they won again. Khalid undertook the duty of commandership just before the evening.